Fortunes can only improve for Colorado sports fans after disappointing year

The Broncos on-field preparations for the Dolphins is underway. Photo by Gabriel Christus on the Denver Broncos website:

Colorado is home to four professional sports teams. Out of the four, two have five professional championships between them. The other two have never won a championship.

The Denver Broncos and the Colorado Avalanche have won three Super Bowls and two Stanley cups between them. The Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Rockies have won zero.

Sadly for us Colorado fans, the Broncos are looking abysmal and the Avalanche suffered the worst season of losses in franchise history last season. The Rockies gave us hope this year, making it to a one game playoff in the postseason — which they lost, but haven’t been a legitimate contender since 2007.

Photo by Matt Dirksen on the Rockies Photo Blog

That leaves us the Nuggets. Last season, they looked promising for the first half of the season, but ended a disappointing 33-49. At 8-6 in this young season, the Nuggets do have a chance to win a championship. One-hundred to one odds to be exact.

For those of you unfamiliar with sports lingo, that is really low odds. For example, the previous two year’s champions have 4/7 odds. That being said, this NBA season might be the highlight for Colorado sports fans until April rolls around and the Rockies have a chance to redeem that one-game Wild Card loss.

The Broncos have set a flurry of records this year to make this one of the worst seasons the franchise has ever seen. They’ve been shut out for the first time since 1992, have swapped their starting quarterback with a guy even the winless Cleveland Browns rejected. They have lost five games in a row for the first time since 2010 – a season they went 4-12 with Kyle Orton, aka Koala Man.

Last, The New York Giants gave the San Francisco 49ers their first win of the season last week. Guess which team gave the Giants their only win this year? Yes, that’s right, the Broncos in week five.

So you could say this year is pretty much an embarrassment.

It’s been a tough year for Colorado sports fans, and the Nuggets are the only team with a shot to make us forget about it. And they have some players who could lead the way.

Denver Nuggets practicing before the Bulls game November 29, 2017. Photo courtesy of

Nikola Jokic is currently leading the team in points (16.4), rebounds (11.6) and assists (4.6). But they have six players averaging double-digit points. The reigning champion Golden State Warriors only have four players averaging 10+ points. Never mind that they have three averaging over 20 and nearly every team with a legitimate playoff chance has at least three established All-Stars on the roster.

Let’s all jump on the Denver Nuggets bandwagon train from now ’til April — because that’s about all we’ve got!

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