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You know those Nike/Reebok/Under Armour commercials filled with the super sweaty, muscular people performing amazing feats of physical prowess to awesome music?

Ever wanted to feel like those people? Well, now you can — just in time to make good on your health resolutions for the new year.

It’s a brilliant Australian idea — and come on, who doesn’t want a little taste of that surf-loving, sun-kissed island down under? It’s called F45 Training, and it’s a workout experience unlike any other.

Before you tune out — because, ick, exercise — hear me out. First of all, each class is only 45 minutes long and you can do anything for 45 minutes.

Secondly, the company has revolutionized a whole new concept to maximize your exercise experience using science-backed HIIT (high intensity interval training) and circuit training.

Best yet, they have developed 27 different 45-minute workout classes using a database of over 4,000 different exercises meaning you will never get the same class twice! Truly — check out all of the different class descriptions on their website. It will blow your mind!

Since its 2014 beginning in Australia, F45 has become the world’s fastest-growing functional training network, with 1,000 locations opening in 36 different countries. They are now focused on stateside expansion and have established a headquarters in Los Angeles to support growth.

And we’re so fortunate that an F45 training studio will be opening right here in Boulder on Twenty Ninth Street Mall this week! It will be the third location to open in Colorado.

Fitness-loving Boulder is the ideal location for this fresh, smart new way to work out in a studio that is amazingly the only one of its kind in a city filled exercise addicts and athletes. Bill Moltner, owner of the new location couldn’t be more qualified to open the studio, and he’s very excited to be introducing the concept to Boulder. Moltner was a collegiate gymnast who went on to become a four-time USA Triathlon Age Group All American and a second-time member of Team USA at the World Age Group Triathlon Championships. In addition, he’s an avid runner and proud to have run a sub-three-hour marathon. He’s also a certified trainer.

He says, “The fitness culture in Boulder is fantastic. Along with the spectacular beauty and outdoor lifestyle, it’s what attracted us to make Boulder our home. I am very excited to bring the world’s fastest growing fitness network to Twenty Ninth Street and am honored to be joining the fitness community here.”

Owner Bill Moltner, F45 Training Studio Central Boulder


Originally from Toronto, Moltner has lived in Dallas and Australia, but fell in love with Boulder after taking two of his five children on visits to the CU Boulder campus. His Realtor, Paul Dart from RE/MAX of Boulder, helped Moltner find a house and transition to Boulder a few short months ago. Dart says, “Bill is one of the most dynamic and active people I know. With his triathlete past and brilliant business sense, and the fact that he’s just a very nice guy powered by an inexhaustible supply positive energy, I have little doubt but that the F45 concept of training from Australia will turn Boulder upside down.”

The brand already has a big celebrity following including NFL great Terrell Owens and three entire NBA teams. Broncos Hall of Famer Steve Atwell is also an F45 ambassador.

“What we started three years ago as a means to fill a gap in the fitness industry quickly became the largest franchise concept ever born in Australia,” said Rob Deutsch, founder and chief executive officer for F45 Training. “As we enter the United States, we expect to see a similar trajectory in the way F45 Training resonates.”

Part of the reason for its extreme success is their is their 45-minute format burning up to 900 calories. Because we all know here in America, a lot of us barely have time to make dinner, let alone spend hours in the gym.The F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department develop a a quick 45-minute class — new every day — blending cardio and strength training to blast away fat and boredom at once.

They also use state-of-the-art technology — a LionHeart Rate monitor system connected to TVs in the building during each class. Not only is it beautifully color-coded and fun to look at, but it helps you track what percentage your heart is working at, in relation to your maximum heart rate. Plus it offers a fun point system, and if you reach 45 points, you have achieved the perfect workout. Also you can compare your points to everyone’s around you on the TV! Fun, right?

The Boulder location, set for its Grand Opening on January 13 is offering a two-week free trial so you don’t even have to take my word for it. Head on over to Twenty Ninth Street Mall and see what it’s all about for yourself!

If Boulder and this franchise can steal Moltner’s heart, I bet it can steal yours — and make it healthier and happier to boot.


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