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Four types of Decadent Saint sangria concentrates

What do you get when you cross wine with fresh fruit, decaf coffee, chocolate, or spices? Four types of ambrosial sangria and mulled wine concentrates that are divinely delicious!

Sip on an incredible nectar that is the perfect complement to a meal, party, or moments of relaxation.  Decadent Saint, a ground-breaking line of all-natural sangria concentrates that need only to be mixed with water, is the ingenious and masterful creation of New-Zealand-born award-winning winemaker Michael Hasler.


The sangria comes in four delightful flavors: Red Sangria with red wine and notes of raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, and lime; White Sangria with white wine, mango, and citrus; Fire & Ice with berries and a touch of cinnamon and spices; and Rocky Mountain Rescue with red wine, decaf coffee, dark chocolate, and spices.


This amazing, first-ever wine-based concentrate has 20.5% alcohol and is shelf-stable for six months without refrigeration upon opening. Each bottle has 3-5 servings and only needs water. There are no artificial or natural flavorings, only real ingredients including wine, brandy spirits, fresh fruits, and spices. There’s even a tasting room in North Boulder attached to the winery where you can try out these wonderful concoctions.


We spoke with Michael’s wife, Carolee Corey, co-founder of Decadent Saint about the origins of their delightful sangrias. Carolee says that Michael was a winemaker and owned a ski lodge in New Zealand where he would make the Rescue sangria to serve to his guests. After his wife died of cancer, he went on a cruise to Alaska as a birthday gift to himself. On the cruise, he met Carolee Corey, and fell in love. He followed her back to her hometown, Boulder, and they’ve been together for five years. He sold his ski lodge in New Zealand and together they opened What We Love Winery, home to Decadent Saint.


Carolee Corey (left) with Patty Phan (right) 


Patty Phan, operations guru with a background at HP, who joined the company almost a year ago says that that Decadent Saint is taking off. Decadent Saint is going direct to the public through five to six events per week including festivals, farmer’s markets, and pop-up shops. Decadent Saints are also being served at restaurants including Timberline Steaks & Grille at Denver International Airport and at the recently launched food truck park, Rayback Collective. And the slushy machine they launched this year has been a hit at summer events. Also look for the Decadent Saint gelatos at Fior de Latte on Pearl Street!

The easiest way to try out their sangrias is to purchase them online at:

Or visit the Decadent Saint tasting room at: 1501 Lee Hill Rd. #14


Here are other ways Carolee and Patty suggest you can enjoy the sangrias:

White Sangria – can be mixed with seltzer or champagne for a mimosa

Red Sangria – can be mixed with champagne for a bellini

Fire & Ice – can be served warm during the cold months

Rocky Mountain Rescue – can be served over ice cream, made into a mole sauce, added to the crockpot for roasts, or even turned into a steak reduction sauce







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