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Bayleaf on Pearl

Featuring elegant gifts to delight the senses from high quality aroma-therapy candles to colorful bistro tables and chairs straight from Paris.

How about a shockingly good cayenne chili chocolate made from Venezuelan cocoa? “Add a little spice to your life.” Bayleaf on Pearl has been bringing Europe to Boulder since 2004. It is a store that takes you on a journey through an European village. 


  • Specialty foods encase the shelves from England, France, Italy, Spain, and United States including
  • Boulder’s own Chocolove Chocolate.
  • Fine letterpress stationary and Italian papers.
  • Books from world renowned publishers.
  • Kitchen and entertaining utensils from the best copper smiths, knife blacksmiths, and craftsmen from around the world.
  • Home decor from the famous Paris flea markets and the countrysides of France and Italy.
  • Body care from legendary soap makers of France, Italy and Napa Valley.
  • A children’s boutique overflowing with toys from Parisian toy makers and classic bedtime storybooks.

Bayleaf-on-Pearl-7So come take the journey through the village of Bayleaf on Pearl and discover what this European market has to offer!