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Boulder Engineering

We’re an experienced team of practical engineers. We believe in simple, sustainable solutions that exceed expectations, not budgets.

Simple, Practical

What do we mean by simple, practical? Well, to us simple is functional. It’s long lasting and even elegant.

Practical means it works for a long time. It’s efficient and most of all cost-effective. View a case study to see what we mean.

Big Picture Details

We cover the gamut of engineering backgrounds and design with the big picture in mind. As a result we’re able to focus on details that relate to every aspect of your project–even ones you might not think about. We make sure themechanical, plumbing and electrical all work together as a system.


To us “sustainable” means it is efficient, works for a long time and has minimal report. So, of course we keep an eye on the practical side of green design and have LEED-accredited engineers.