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Boulder Lamb

We breed our Columbia/Rambouillet ewes with a Suffolk or Hampshire buck, the product of which is a mild and tender lamb. It appeals to those who don’t care for a strong “gamey” taste, and won’t disappoint true lamb lovers.  Our entire flock free ranges on grass and alfalfa from fields in North Boulder County as well as in Monte Vista, Colorado, and is never given steroids, feed antibiotics or growth hormones for weight gain.  Any supplemental alfalfa is sourced from local, non-GMO farms.

Sheep run deep in our family tradition, with six generations of ranchers running flocks from Vermont to Idaho for over 130 years.  Now in Boulder County, we are committed to providing our local community with the freshest, locally grown, grass-fed lamb possible.  We understand that the closer to the source we all procure our food, the better for our health, our community, and our local economy.

We are fortunate to live in a County that holds sustainability and its commitment to maintaining the rural and agricultural character a top priority. Our location allows us to cater to the sophisticated palate of Colorado’s greater front range. Look for our product in many local markets and restaurants.

For more information on our product, please contact us.