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Colorado Green Building Guild

The Colorado Green Building Guild is a non-profit trade organization representing a wide range of green building leaders.

Our vision is to ensure the wide-spread adoption of sustainable building practices to increase the efficient use of resources, create healthier buildings, and support vibrant sustainable communities.

Our mission is to create and support community-focused networks of building professionals and local governments in order to:

  • Share knowledge
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Support a clean energy economy
  • Make sustainable building common practice

Membership Value

Guilds of the trade were established in the 14th Century to protect common interests, share best practices, and provide privilege to tradesman.  A guild is guided by experienced and confirmed experts in their field and our Board of Directors represent a diverse set of expertise in green building practice and policy in the building industry.

The value of being a member carries benefits that are realized through privileges, discounts, education, access to strong leadership and exclusive connections to resources, the opportunity to create deep lasting purposeful connections, and collective collaboration to serve the community at large. Members are invited to be a part what began as the nation’s  first green building guild as we expand to reach across the state of Colorado. Additionally, members realize immeasurable intangible organizational acknowledgments and have a platform to collaborate ideas and secure exclusive resources to co-create a shared vision of social and environmental responsibility.

Colorado Green Building Guild Structure

The Guild is governed by a board of directors voted from amongst the Guild membership.