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The Coffee Ride

The coffee ride is a Boulder, Colorado coffee roaster and was founded on our love for both riding bikes and making the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Business philosophy is simple. Make others happy by delivering the freshest coffee by bike. Owner Josh Crane’s goal is to keep the business small and local, while delivering best product possible. He aims to give back to the farmers as much as possible while providing customers with only ethically grown coffee.

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A little about Josh

I began roasting just over 2 years ago out of a modified, hand crank, popcorn popper. After pages of rigorous coffee logs and many cups of bad coffee, I am now able to make one hell of a cup of brew.

My love for coffee began while studying to apply to medical school. After spending many hours drinking cup after cup across a good part of the world, I realized how important coffee had become in my life. With a strong foundation in chemistry, I dove head first into roasting like a mad scientist. I realized that my love for science was in the experimentation process, and with coffee, I was able to drink and enjoy the end product. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Where to buy our coffee: http://thecoffeeride.com/buy-our-coffee-boulder-colorado-coffee-roaster/