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The WILD Foundation

The heart of the global wilderness conservation movement.

Girl with a green parot (Kayapó, Pará, Brazil, March 2006)
As the heart of the global wilderness community for over 40 years, The WILD Foundation protects wilderness while meeting the needs of human communities, working across cultures and boundaries by collaborating  with local peoples, organizations, the private sector, and governments to create dynamic practical projects and communications initiatives.


WILD is a progressive conservation leader, and has been the “heart of the global wilderness conservation movement” since 1974. Our work has protected wilderness,  helped people, saved wildlife, and generated a global movement for wilderness and wild nature by:

  • Strengthening the importance of re-wilding and wild nature for the well-being of human communities,
  • Creating and expanding a wide range of natural protected areas,
  • Training wilderness managers,
  • Integrating political and business leaders with local community leaders,
  • Introducing & implementing major policy initiatives (national and global),
  • Creating and rolling-out innovative communications projects,
  • Assisting and often “incubating” start-up organizations,
  • Initiating and managing on-the-ground field projects, and
  • Providing wilderness resources and tools for people, organizations and governments.