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  • Freshii on The Hill: Bright, Refreshing, Delicious

    Eat. Energize. That’s Freshii’s motto. This is a repost of Colorado food blogger Grace Boyle’s original post on her blog, Grace(full) Plate, and her Facebook page Boulder Food News. Based in Boulder, Grace Boyle has a phenomenal palate and unquenchable love for food. The Boulder Source is very happy that Grace is sharing her wonderful culinary articles with us. _______________________________ Freshii was started in 2005

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  • Forward Food Summit: Revolutionizing the Way We See Food

    I know you have heard it before; America is the only nation to struggle mightily with both obesity and hunger. Thirty-seven percent of adult Americans are obese, 74 percent are somewhat overweight and one-third of children are overweight or obese. On the flipside, 14 percent of American households struggle with food security. That translates to nearly 50 million people across

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