The past is not the future: disrupt your life and amazing things can happen

What kind of journey will you take? Holistic wellness coach Alex Gil of Vitalé Studio will guide you towards a dynamic and inspired life filled with health, energy, and happiness.

How do you reach optimum health and wellness when stress, distraction, and overwork catapult you into feeling overwhelmed and run-down, out of shape or unwell?

Says holistic wellness coach Alex Gil, “Because we are very integrated systems – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — one area is constantly affecting the other areas. It is hard to achieve high levels of health by only addressing the physical or mental. We need to address all areas for optimum health.”

In a place where fitness, outdoor time, meditation, and natural lifestyle are appreciated and valued, it’s hard to imagine that Boulderites suffer from lives that are out of balance. Yet Alex sees many clients who are physically, intellectually, and spiritually drained.

To address these complex and interdependent issues, Alex brings together an unparalleled set of skills that encompass physical training and nutrition with life coaching, stress management, and education to help her clients regulate their energy levels so they can make dramatic, sustainable changes in their lives.

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Alex herself has mastered her own energy – her exuberance blazes as she discusses her path to holistic coaching. Very active and fit all of her life, Alex earned a B.S. in physical education and M.S. in sports conditioning. She was a trainer for 20 years, most recently at a top-tier gym for athletes in Boulder, but she realized that exercise alone could not provide her clients — even those who were athletes — with the “deep, long-lasting changes they were looking for.” She reports that “I could see that there were pieces missing.”

Looking for answers, Alex began to do a great deal of research into holistic wellness and ways to address the root causes of her clients struggles. Her research took her to the C.H.E.K. Institute in San Diego where she completed a certification in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. Over the two and half years it took her to finish her coursework, she followed the philosophy of the Institute: students should practice for themselves what they were learning. For example, during her studies she meditated once per day for 200 consecutive days, which she says helped alleviate her stress.

“It’s the greatest time be a health and wellness coach because holistic knowledge and practices are based on so much scientific research and data,” she asserts with a wide smile.

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Once she finished the certification program, she concluded that a gym could not provide her with the space and quiet she needed to benefit her clients and help them in the way she wanted to help them, to guide them with the tools and lessons required for them to be happy and successful. And she also needed a space for her own training and self-study. With that in mind, she decided to open her own studio.

Sleek new Vitalé Studio at 2232 Pearl Street opened a couple of months ago, and includes weight and cardio equipment, a library of research books, and plenty of room for individual and group training as well as health workshops she leads.

Alex remarks, “Often my clients are not living the life they want to live; they are living by default. I want to empower people with knowledge and spark their interest about their health. But it takes energy to change and I hold my clients responsible for making changes. The way they feel and their health are a direct result of their habits, actions, and thoughts.”

She affirms, “I’m inspired every day by my work and by my clients. I love hearing from my clients who will tell me they feel better than ever. There are endless possibilities in life to create anything we want. I’m inspired by human potential.”

The t-shirt for her studio encapsulates her philosophy, and reads in bright orange letters, “Happiness in Motion.” The next t-shirt she wants to print will say, “If not now, when?”


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