“Boulder Needs This Place”

Before the Rayback Collective became a food park, it was the 60-year home of Rayback Plumbing Supply.

If you are a longtime Boulder resident, you probably visited Rayback Plumbing Supply at some point, in search of the right sink, toilet or tub. Owned and operated by the late Marion Rayback, his passion for plumbing was apparent. For the Rayback of yesteryear had just about everything needed for plumbing.

On opening day of the Rayback Collective, the Boulder Source caught up with Marion Rayback’s granddaughter, Marian Hejl. The video below shares the transformation of the site through her eyes.

Says Hejl, “My grandpa was all about community. He really enjoyed good food, he enjoyed live music. … It’s amazing that the owners of this property encompassed all of that in one venue.”

Born in 1921, Marion Rayback served in the Navy during WWII, then moved to Boulder where he worked as a plumber and sold new and used plumbing supplies, according to the Rayback Collective website. Mr. Rayback lived a long productive life and served his community tirelessly. He passed away June 13, 2014.

The Boulder Source is pleased to honor the Rayback Collective as our Featured Friend for July. Opening night we captured the sights and sounds as Boulder got comfortable quickly in their new communal backyard. And stay tuned for an interview with co-founder Matt Patrick on how sweet it is to see this vision become a reality. 

To find out what is on the calendar for today, visit www.therayback.com.