Coloradans Blue The Dive

Sign the pledge and participate in keeping our oceans pristine

Coloradans are leading the way towards keeping the planet’s oceans healthy today and for future generations.

Blue the Dive is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), and Ocean First Institute (OFI), to engage and support the dive industry to protect the ocean through education, action, and sustainable business practices.

“We are in a time and place where the dive community, environmental groups, scientists and government trustees can come together and support this innovative effort,” says Vicki Nichols Goldstein, COCO’s executive director who was at the . “It is a great platform to build trust, envision new collaborations and do something great for the ocean. I am excited to be part of this forward thinking initiative.”

You can participate too.  Learn more about this important initiative at And sign the pledge! You’ll be in great company: