Connecting kids with nature

Happily skimming with Thorne Nature Experience (courtesy image)

Thorne Nature Experience offers outstanding summer camps

Boulder Valley parents, there is an abundance of summer camp options coming your way. One your kids shouldn’t miss is connecting with nature through Thorne Nature Experience.

luke_bull_frog“I’ve never seen a deer before, only their footprints! Now I’ve seen a deer!”  It’s exclamations like this by a Sanchez Elementary second grader at Sombrero Marsh the other day that inspire Thorne’s pioneering work in nature education.

Since 1954, Thorne Nature Experience has been connecting youth to nature through joyful, hands-on, place-based environmental education experiences.

Nationally recognized as a leader in environmental education, the nonprofit is currently celebrating its 61st year of connecting youth to nature. Over the years Thorne has counted more than 250,000 children, teens, and adults among its charges. Today, Thorne’s Summer Camp, In-School Program, and Field Trips reach more than 12,000 Boulder County and Front Range youth each year.

This summer, Thorne’s programs will reach more than 2,000 front range youth through its field-based ecology camp for kids 3-15. With signature activities like Mud Mucking, At Home in the Woods, and Bird Banding, Thorne turns our local prairie grasslands, evergreen forests, and wetland habitats into the best kinds of classrooms.

Thorne’s experienced, CPR and first-aid trained instructors help facilitate student learning and appreciation for the outdoors while keeping them safe.  Campers complete the program with a newfound respect and awe of nature, increased understanding of the environment, and a desire to get back outside. Learn more about Thorne’s upcoming summer programming.

Thorne’s philosophy can be summed up in the words of David Sobel, an education writer who has developed the idea of place-based education:  “If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.”