Justin’s Nut Butter

Justin’s Nut Butter, home of natural nut butters and located here in Boulder, Colorado. I headed over to Justin’s to find out the story of this all-natural delicious food company.

Of course the first question you may ask is, who is Justin? Justin Gold, currently only 34, moved to Boulder in 2002 for the Boulder lifestyle. He is a skier, mountain biker, runner, and vegetarian, so Boulder fits himwell. Because Justin is a vegetarian and he needed something to fuel his workouts, peanut butter was the answer. The problem was that Justin got sick of just having the option of smooth or crunchy peanut butter, so he got crafty and started making his own. He made fun flavors in his food processor at his kitchen at home, with different types of nuts and ingredients to add flavor. He would stay up until 3 am just experimenting. His roommates made fun of him, but they also would steel his nut butter. This is when Justin started to write on the jars “Justin’s- do not eat” and that is when the brand was born.

Justin decided to start selling his nut butters at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and people LOVED them! Then Justin realized he needed something more than just a jar of peanut butter, he needed something to take with him on his bike rides, or when he was skiing or running. He thought why not make something similar to a gel pack, similar to GU, but instead of load it with sugar, just fill it with nut butter. However, no one would manufacture this for him, because of allergens or they just didn’t understand the benefits of having nut butter in a squeeze pack. So, he bought his own machine and pursued the dream of the squeeze pack. The squeeze pack became a huge hit, and while Justin had the idea of it being used during sports many people liked them for snacks, portion control, or for being able to try a flavor before actually buying a whole jar.

In 2011 Justin’s released their organic peanut butter cups which have won six awards. Justin’s gave me some on my way out, and they are DELICIOUS! I suggest going to the store right now and buying as many packs as you can. They look like Reece’s but have real, natural, organic peanut butter inside of them! Because these were such a hit, they created candy bars that are very similar to a Snickers bar, which they can’t stock fast enough.

Besides Justin’s amazing all natural product, the food company is always on the look out for ways to become more and more sustainable. One of the ways they have done this is by creating recycled plastic jars, the only nut butter company that does uses this.

So next time you are at the grocery store, I suggest picking up a jar, a squeeze pack, or a candy bar of Justin’s nut butter and support this local business.