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Youth development, healthy living, social responsibility

The news is consistently rough for Boulder County families: the cost of living has risen dramatically and the trend is likely to continue.

So it comes as no surprise that the need for financial help for the many programs the Y offers is large.

The good news is that the YMCA of Boulder Valley provides a far-reaching web of support, for every age group – regardless of ability to pay.

If you’re a new mom, you can get the financial assistance for childcare while you work out at the Y. Or, if you’re a working parent, your children can have quality after school care.

For the cancer survivor stressed by medical bills, you can work out in a program designed especially for you.

And if you’re a youth or teen, you can depend on the Y to offer a sports program or camp you can attend – regardless of your family’s ability to pay.

Through more than 50 programs, the Y “strengthens community” by serving three areas crucial to maintaining the resiliency of the people of our community, including:

Youth Development — Before- and after-school programs, youth enrichment classes and summer camps help kids discover who they are and how much they can achieve while leading healthy, productive lives.

Healthy Living — Fitness, youth sports and personal training are among the programs designed to improve health and well-being for people of all ages and to offer activities that bring families closer together.

Social Responsibility — MEND, All Stars Sports and Head Start Water Safety headline programs that serve a diverse population and people of all abilities. These are some of the ways in which the Y has been responding to our communities’ most critical needs for more than 160 years.

Today, more people need more help.

When asked if the need seems to have grown as the cost of living has risen in Boulder and the surrounding areas, Jen Clink Moriarty, VP of Development for YMCA of Boulder Valley says, “Yes.”

The big impact has been felt in childcare programs, with an increased need for financial assistance for preschool, summer camp, after-school care and school day off camps, and membership.

According to the YMCA of Boulder Valley campaign materials, teen programs and the preschool would not be able to run without additional support.

In addition, new programs for 60+ senior citizens are being added to serve shifting demographics.

Joining forces with the Longmont Y means the newly enlarged service area of the YMCA of Boulder Valley provides greater strength through numbers and helps maximize efficiencies. The addition also translates into more people to help – more kids to send to summer camp, more seniors to support with fitness and social opportunities, and more families in need of after-school care.

Community Support Campaign

For a Better You. For a Better Future. For a Better Us.

The YMCA of Boulder Valley is in full swing with their annual Community Support Campaign to help kids and families benefit from its far-reaching programs.

This year’s financial goal– $315,000 – is the largest amount the Y has planned to raise over such a short period in a long time: the campaign runs for only five weeks and ends in early March.

Last year, the YMCA of Boulder Valley awarded over $625,000 in scholarships for YMCA programs. This year, the scholarship need is expected to increase to $760,000.

Campaign donations provide scholarships to help families who can’t pay for YMCA youth sports, summer camp, after-school programs and swimming; subsidize programs for young teens that are designed to reduce risky behaviors and encourage social responsibility; and provide financial assistance to youth, adults, families and seniors for Y memberships.

Leveraging your donation – with a capital ‘L’

Giving just feels good, especially when your gift helps youth get a strong start in life.

But there’s another solid reason to get behind supporting the YMCA of Boulder Valley mission.

It can help lighten the taxes you owe.

With the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, any taxpayer who donates $250 or more (up to $100,000) can claim an income tax credit of 50% of the total donation on their Colorado income tax return if they owe at least that amount in taxes to Colorado.

According to the example provided by YMCA of Boulder Valley, if you donate $1000, once the tax savings and Colorado Child Care Tax Credit are applied, the donor’s actual out of pocket costs is $150.

So Give

Make your dollars count. Donate here today.

To find out more about the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, click here.

The YMCA of Boulder Valley is the February Featured Friend at the Boulder Source. Please stay tuned for articles on the many programs the Y offers and an up-close look at some of the 135 campaigners charged with making this year’s ambitious fundraising goal.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about summer camp and the Y offers some of the best. To get you and your camper inspired and raring to go, watch this video: