Naked Pizza

Pizza stripped down of unnatural ingredients provides healthy alternative

It’s rare to hear pizza described as “all natural,” “healthy” and “nutritious,” but it’s those elements that make Boulder’s Naked Pizza “naked” and popular.

In fact, the chain claims that not only does its pizza have fewer carbohydrates and no processed sugar, chemicals or other ingredients that will do more damage than good to a body, but it will help improve the digestive systems, boost calcium absorption, assist in weight management and trigger less of a glycemic response in diabetics than other pizzas.

And the trend is growing: Naked Pizza has franchises open in 19 states and six countries in addition to the U.S. Four new Naked Pizza stores are opening soon, and eight new locations have been awarded, according to the franchise website.

“I think this is the direction we’re headed, to be more health conscience in our delivery and take-out food choices,” says Freddie Gonzales, general manager of the Boulder store. “There are more people with allergies and it’s all going back to all the chemicals we’re eating.”

And fit in Naked Pizza has, sponsoring events at Boulder Running Co. every week, Stroke and Stride this past summer, and now frequently doing the same at The Spot climbing gym. Many participants at those activities are frequent visitors to Naked Pizza, Freddie says.

“Those are a lot of clients now because it is a healthy pizza,” he explains. “You don’t get the sugar rush and hard crash as with other pizzas. It’s great, it’s healthy, it’s guilt-free. We offer gluten-free and vegan options that are great tasting instead of the typical cardboard taste you get with other healthy products.”

The Boulder location is also offering its pizza as a fundraiser to local schools, and currently working with Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

“We want to reach out to the students, offer our healthy alternative, because kids all love pizza,” Freddie says. “And we want to help them make some money, help their cause. We want to support the community whenever we can: we live here, we work here, we eat here, we play here, so we just want to tie it all together.”

Since opening in May 2011, Naked Pizza’s following has grown steadily and the store had its busiest week ever in October, Freddie says.

“I’ve seen it grow tremendously,” he says.

But it’s not just people who are health conscience who eat at Naked Pizza.

“We’re just starting to tap the college market here,” Freddie says. “We’re just hitting it with students, and with the students Naked Pizza is cool.”

Naked Pizza is located at 1629 28th St. in Boulder. Call (303) 443-2720 or