The Common Body

For the month of October, our featured friend is The Common Body. Ingrid Walsh, co-founded The Common Body when she was figuring out what to make her children for lunch that was healthy, but that also tasted good. This sparked her idea to create a fantastic non-profit in Boulder.

The Common Body is a Boulder-based health and wellness non-profit with the motto “gather, eat, move.” The company makes a healthy lifestyle more accessible to all people by providing activities and education. The Common Body has 4 principles, which are to promote real whole food and scratch cooking, daily movement, small behavior changes that have a total health effect, for example walking your dog for an extra 20 minutes a day, and community supported behavior. The Common Body’s goal is to teach these principles as much as they are living them.

The Common Body has community activities such as an afterschool education program called “Food is Fuel,” community boot camp in the park, and they are planning to start family yoga and brunch as well as a running club. If any of these activities sound interesting to you, or the non-profit in general does, The Common Body always welcomes volunteers. Their goal is to help shift our country’s views on the idea of health!

Visit to find out more about this wonderful non-profit and to contact them for volunteer opportunities.