The Inn Between by the numbers

Hope for ending homelessness through case management, community collaboration

This month on BoulderSource we celebrate a local organization that is solving an obstinate challenge: progressing people from a state of homelessness into a state of independent living.

The Inn Between is a Longmont human services stronghold; a 20-year-old organization that partners with local agencies to methodically move large numbers of displaced people into safe housing, and then to provide the case management they need to ultimately live independently. (Read more about The Inn’s approach.)

While other cities near and far make only modest progress toward transitioning people out of homelessness (with many providing little or no long-term skills support), Longmont is a standout due to the leadership of The Inn Between. Consider:

In 2013, The Inn Between provided housing, case management, comprehensive skills development and more to 275 individuals, including families with children, single adults and teenagers.

That year, The Inn Between spent $806,000 delivering its services. If housing the homeless is expensive, the cost of not housing them is exorbitant. The average chronically homeless person costs taxpayers $40,000 every year in jails, mental institutions and emergency rooms. If you apply that cost to only the adults served by The Inn Between last year (160), the savings to the community exceeds $5.5 million. Longmont seems to understand that it’s less expensive to solve homelessness than it is to maintain it.

Clients of The Inn Between who need housing can rent an apartment in one of the organization’s 4 Longmont locations. They are responsible for paying affordable rental rates, set at 1/3 of their current income.

Within a two-year time limited stay at the Inn Between, 70% of clients will achieve the organization’s stated goal of helping families, youth and individuals who are facing homelessness to become self-sufficient and sustainable.

Most of the organization’s funding comes from grants. Private donations and fundraising constitute only 7% of The Inn Between’s income.  You can help increase that amount by attending The Inn Between’s upcoming fundraiser, the seventh annual Sweet Taste of Longmont on September 27. We’ll share more on that event next week.