The Lifelong Gift of Yoga for Kids

Children taking yoga classes at Boulder Yoga Kids are experiencing powerful results.

Mira,* a 15-year old at Boulder High did sun salutation before her tests this year. She says the asana relieves tension, increases her concentration, and helps her feel centered. Two-year old Jarrett’s mother observed that after Mommy and Me yoga classes her toddler seems more relaxed, has fewer tantrums, and sleeps better at night. The five- and ten-year-olds in yoga class often practice cat and dragon poses when they want to stretch, or to calm themselves if they’re feeling upset.

The advantages of yoga for adults are widely accepted; now parents – and children themselves – are learning how beneficial this practice can be for tots, toddlers, tweens, and teens. By drawing the body, mind, and emotions together in harmony and balance through movement and awareness, yoga leaves children feeling calm and refreshed. Children gain confidence in their bodies and cultivate the inner strength and focus that has applications in their everyday lives. Above all, children’s yoga is interactive, fun, and creative, and promotes active, healthy life habits.

Joyful Exercises

During all times of year, but especially in the winter when the outdoors is frosty and the days are short, parents seeking indoor afterschool activities for their children find that the warm, bright, nurturing setting of Boulder Yoga Kids engages kids not only physically but also through edifying and empowering lessons in mindfulness that promote respect, positive thinking, self-esteem, and connections with others.

“Together we embrace joy – the joy of each moment, the joy of the journey. Our classes are playful, noncompetitive, and self-paced,” says Boulder Yoga Kids founder and yoga teacher Teri Jacobson. “I’ve translated the classic Hatha asanas or postures into kid-friendly movements such as animal poses as well as partner and group poses. I like to use a mixture of breath work, storytelling, imaginative visualizations, toys, and art that encourage expressive movement to channel children’s energy and emotions. I also love preparing seasonal or adventure themes for each lesson by integrating songs, books, games, and even aromatherapy.”

Importantly, Boulder Yoga Kids classes are very small and personalized. Teri emphasizes the individual attention and care she takes to get to know each child so she can tailor the classes to their developmental and emotional needs. She also becomes acquainted with parents to discuss with them their children’s interests and development. Because of this trust and connection, many of Teri’s students have attended her yoga classes for years and she enjoys seeing them growing up.


Mindful Connections

Teri delights in guiding children and furnishing them with the positive, lifelong tools they can use to regulate their emotions and reactions through awareness of their bodies and breath, and the ability to quiet their minds.

With a master’s degree in psychology from Regis University, Teri started her career as a child and family counselor and has worked with children of all ages and parents for 14 years. She identifies stress as central issue with many of the children she has met. In 2011 after becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor through intensive training at Core Power, she discovered that yoga could help her remain “calm and still when life was chaotic.” By blending her passion to help children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, with her insights as a yoga practitioner, she supports children in finding peace and balance amidst the academic and social pressures of their highly scheduled, fast-paced lives.

“I love inspiring kids and tapping into their spirit. Boulder Yoga Kids provides children with a stress-free, accepting environment where they have space to be silly but also self-reflective, to explore imaginary worlds and also focus inwards, to build the strength and flexibility of their bodies and minds, and to instill in them compassion and gratitude. In all of these ways, yoga rejuvenates children and enhances their well-being, inner peace, and resilience.”

*Names of children have been changed to protect their identities.

Classes include:
Mommy (or Daddy) and Me for 2-3 year-olds
4-10 Year Olds Class
11-15 Year Olds Class

Call or email to take a tour of the studio. See class demos on Boulder Yoga Kids channel on YouTube. Also check out Boulder Yoga Kids on Facebook.

Boulder Yoga Kids:
1800 30th Street (north of Canyon Blvd.), Suite 305 (in the Crossroads Gardens building)
Boulder, CO 80301
Ph: (303) 588-4092


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