The light fantastic

Chucked Wagon by Andrew Schulman

Boulder illumination artist creates a glow

Andrew Schulman tucked into the chaos of Ozo Coffee on Pearl Street this morning to talk awhile about the art that compels and repels him.



Mr. Schulman creates with light. His productions range in scope from large commercial installations to one-of-a-kind functional fixtures that illuminate materials like glass, metal and wood.

His signature works to date include an installation for California’s famed Umami Burger, for which he received the Anaheim Arts Council’s highest honors. Prizes and gratification aside, the project – heavy on impossible deadlines, codes and safety regulations – gave his zeal for the art form a good thrashing.

Then there’s the challenge of finding time to work in his North Boulder studio, Afterglow. As co-founder of Boulder based digital production company Tooth, he is well occupied these days creating visuals for brands like Microsoft, Domino’s Pizza and Nike. Here he plays both creative and strategic roles, drawing on his deep artistic roots as an illustrator, painter and designer.

Light Fare

Light Fare

Still, the light beckons. When he can, Mr. Schulman continues to create illuminated art that absolutely captivates.

There are new commercial installations on the horizon: a brewery/restaurant in Colorado this May and, always, projects on the coasts of New York and California.

Junk and precious objects draw him back to Afterglow in fits and starts, where he makes commissioned pieces for families and home displays.

“I love creating for homes,” he says. “I don’t like to build the same thing twice – but I can adapt my work if people see something they like.”

Sea Legs

Sea Legs

Mr. Schulman described a client whose antique glasses and royal silver heirlooms made a stunning display within a new chandelier. He creates completely original, custom work. Clients come inspired by his portfolio, or their own imaginations. The process includes sizing up potential display spaces for elevation, light and dimension. “Fit within the space is important.”

It was good of Mr. Schulman to meet and discuss his work on a last-minute interview request following a nearly all-nighter working. His inclination toward creating seems to radiate.

Mr. Schulman is a member of the BoCo Art District, this month’s Featured Friend.