The Rocky Mountain Institute

Driving the next great global industry

The Rocky Mountain Institute sees great opportunity in the climate crisis.

The non-partisan, Colorado-based organization is convincingly demonstrating that profit-motivated businesses are the key to leading America away from oil and coal.

Co-founded in 1982 by Amory Lovins, its Chairman Emeritus and Chief Scientist, RMI is an independent nonprofit with offices in Boulder and Snowmass that works to drive the efficient and restorative use of global resources. The group employs 80 full-time staff, has annual operations of $16 million, and a global reach and reputation.

Like the information age, RMI sees resource efficiency as the the next great global industry. Dr. Lovins calls this “Reinventing Fire.” Monetizing renewables in a way that drives their innovation is how RMI hopes to help the world accomplish some bold goals by 2025, including three key aims in the U.S.:

  • Source electricity renewably.
  • Make buildings superefficient.
  • Transform communities’ energy systems.

If you’re looking for big-picture ways to impact energy efficiency and reduce carbon in your community and around the world, RMI is a great place to go for edification. Despite the grim climate news day in and day out, there are great innovators transforming energy as you read these words — and RMI supports them with research, development, funding and much more.

On a more granular level, RMI has resources for everyday people to understand the investment-payback scenarios of using bring renewables online. Consider their at-a-glance intelligence on solar power conversion for homeowners:

Solar Options for Homeowners by Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute