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Image courtesy of Alex Gil, Vitale Studio

Workplace Disengagement Causes Trouble Aplenty

Pssssst: That stress you’re feeling at work? It’s costing you and your company more than you — and they — think.

“People in the workforce can become very disengaged, overly stressed, unhealthy, and this results in unhappiness,” says Alex Gil, holistic wellness coach and founder of Vitalé Studio.

To compound the problem, it’s not just a few workers that feel this way. “Many workers are unhappy and unsatisfied,” notes Alex.

These high levels of workplace disengagement cause trouble aplenty.

Here’s how: When disengagement is high, the positive result of work – productivity – decreases, while the negative results – team conflict, absences, worker health issues – increase, according to Alex.

And this costs people and their employer both vitality and money.

The Three “E’s”

That’s why Alex is working with company leaders and employees to change this dynamic by focusing on the three “E’s”:

  • Energy
  • Empower
  • Engage

“Our bodies are biological energy generators,” says Alex. “People are not aware of their daily habits, thoughts and actions. Daily habits and actions can rob people of energy, instead of giving them energy.”

But this lack of awareness is easy to fix through journaling about food and energy.

She also wants to empower people with knowledge about their health and wellness. “People should be challenging their doctors, learning as much as they can about their tests and medications. Low energy cannot be fixed by taking a pill,” says Alex.

Change Starts at the Top

By increasing engagement and happiness in the workplace, employee retention and productivity also increases.

But this change must start at the top.

“There is a huge need for leadership to provide tools to their workers. Leaders need to be the example and set the tone for their staff to be healthy and happy. If a leader is grumpy, irritable, unhealthy, then it is not a good example,” explains Alex.

Her prescription is to work with company leaders first to manage their energy, and then provide workers with lunch and learn workshops rich with strategies and tools.

While there is an upfront cost for coaching training, Alex points to plenty of data to show it brings cost savings over the long term.” For example, the Denver Business Journal publishes a list of the healthiest companies that truly believe in a holistic wellness approach,” says Alex.

Even so, today’s culture stacks the odds against shifting toward a more balanced approach.

“Working hard and being busy have become a status symbol. People can’t even answer the question ‘how are you?’ when they are focused on being busy. People are losing balance and working 55 hours every week. They don’t have quality time with people they care about. They need to fuel their connections and their ‘love tank.’ They are also not exercising and taking care of their health,” emphasizes Alex.

In addition to workplace coaching, those interested in optimum health can visit Vitalé Studio for strength and circuit training, free workshops and free online coaching.

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