Caribbean Cuisine: CUBA CUBA Sanwicheria

Boulder’s famous and eclectic food scene can add Cuban fare to the mix.

CUBA CUBA Sanwicheria has firmly planted itself in the local Boulder food scene. The bright storefront sits just off of Arapahoe in The Village Shopping Center and serves up authentic Cuban sandwiches and plates. The main dish plates include a healthy serving of incredible rice and beans. Something I’ve never put much thought into, CUBA CUBA’s rice and beans are definitely worth noting. The flavorful side dishes hold their own when paired with roasted pork or grilled chicken breast.

Of course, a restaurant could hardly survive in our health-conscious foodie town without a mindful menu. The majority of CUBA CUBA’s plates are gluten-free as are the gluten-free hoagie option for sandwiches. With the restaurant’s designated gluten free fryer, there’s no guess work when ordering to suit this common dietary restriction.

In my self-proclaimed expert opinion,  CUBA CUBA serves the best pork in town. They’re local, very reasonably priced, and the only authentic Cuban joint in town. The cuisine is made fresh and served by a rock star staff. As if that wasn’t enough, you can grab a beer with your meal (after all, this is Boulder).

Bottom line, CUBA CUBA Sanwicheria is a can’t miss for anyone. From the Cuban cuisine expert to the gluten sensitive, to the common foodie, this shop is worthy of Boulder’s food scene.

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