Agent Interview: Lisa Wade on Dining for Women

RE/MAX of Boulder agent, Lisa Wade, got involved with Boulder’s chapter of Dining for Women almost two years ago when a friend started the chapter.

“She invited me and told me how this model of fundraising worked. I was intrigued, so I attended the first meeting and have been going ever since!” Wade says.

Each month, DFW chooses a U.S.-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund other organizations in developing countries. The sponsored organizations work to fix issues that affect women and children directly. This fundraising model allows the organization to support multiple nonprofit organizations with each effort.

“It is truly the best model of fund-raising that I have been involved with.” Wade says. “No one has to go out and “put on” an event or find a venue or ask for donations from others; it is simply the power of the volume of women coming together who want to help women in other parts of the world. It’s simple and it works.”

At 9,000 members strong, the organization has donated nearly $2.8 million to various organizations since 2003. Funds are raised through a potluck-style dinner that takes place each month. Members bring a dish to share with the group and donate the money they otherwise would have spent dining out at a restaurant.

Rather than providing short-term handouts, Dining for Women works to prepare women and girls with the tools and knowledge necessary to build sustainably better futures. The founders and members of Dining for Women believe all women deserve to be self-sufficient.

Wade has hosted an event herself and encourages other women to join this inspiring organization.

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