Reality Check

CU football is still miles away from where the program aspires  to be.



The teams from Oregon made that quite clear.

The 2-0 start was nice but any realistic fan knew the level of competition of the first two games were far below what was upcoming.

The Buffs are historically bad on the road and that was apparent once again when they traveled to Corvallis and got beat up by the Oregon St. Beavers on a typical soggy and raining day. The Beavers are led by their quarterback, Sean Mannion, who is tops in the country is yards and touchdowns. Mannion easily exploited the Buffs’ young secondary as there was no pass rush to give him trouble.

The Fresno St. Bulldogs were set to come to Boulder when the epic flood for the game to be cancelled. Perhaps a good thing for the Buff’s as Fresno St. also has a tremendous quarterback and dark-horse Heisman candidate, Derek Carr. The Bulldogs average 538 yards per game and would have certainly posed quite a challenge for the rebuilding Buffs.

Though the flood was long over when the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks flew into town last week, the downpour on the field had yet to begin. Oregon is a program that CU aspires to ascend to. The Ducks are the measuring stick in a PAC-12 conference that is widely regarded as the second best conference in the country behind the SEC, the undisputed king of the hill. The Buffs came out swinging with an unsuccessful onside kick to start the game and a reverse pass for their only touchdown of the game.

The Ducks, yet again, are led by an elite quarterback (spot a trend?) in Marcus Mariota, who is right now the top Heisman candidate. Mariota  is surrounded by an arsenal of offensive weapons, all who can really go. The Ducks got to any and every part of the field they pursued on offensive and the Buffs couldn’t mustard a point in the second half.

Speed kills. The Buffs have been and still are astronomically slower than most all of their opponents. In my opinion, from an on the field football perspective, the Buffs’ overall lack of speed on both sides of the ball is the single biggest problem facing the program moving forward.

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