“Donut Pandemonium”

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Big opening predicted for Boulder’s newest fast foodie, Dunkin’ Donuts |

Despite Boulder residents’ voracious appetite for healthy living, one big brand is betting we’ll save room for donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts, the popular New England fast food chain known for coffee and Boston Kremes, plans a bright and early opening here on Tuesday, March 4 at 4:30 a.m.

You heard me.

“I refer to these openings as donut pandemonium,” explains Pat Wagner, brand manager for Sizzling Brands, the Utah-based franchisee that’s opening the new shop and operates other national brands like Red Robin and Little Caesars. “We anticipate a tremendous amount of energy around this restaurant and a very busy grand opening week.”

Boulder’s large and growing population of east coast transplants was a big draw for the company, knowing the Dunkin’ brand holds high affinity for people who hail from that region. Mr. Wagner thinks there is pent-up demand citywide for the big chain – moreover he sees the brand fitting long term, and cited coffee as one reason why.

“I have noticed the high density of coffee houses when I travel to Boulder, but I’m not worried that there isn’t a place for us,” Mr. Wagner says. “People love our coffee.”

By the company’s count, Dunkin’ Donuts sells 1.7 billion cups of coffee globally every year. As for donuts, they sell an awful lot of those too. Mr. Wagner says that while he can’t recommend donuts as a core part of anyone’s diet, they may not be as unhealthy as their reputation suggests.

Well, ok then.

To be fair, Dunkin’ donuts are never fried in trans fat. The shop will offer a wide variety of healthier menu items (like egg white sandwiches and oatmeal), and will keep fresh bananas on the counter at all times. Mr. Wagner says Dunkin will be involved in the Boulder community, with emerging plans to support local non-profit Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.

All that’s well and good, but you and I know full well we’re going for the donuts. See you Tuesday.

p.s. First-time visitors can get a free medium coffee March 4 – 25. 

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