Not your grandma’s recycling

With just four employees, Data-Destruction is putting itself on Boulder’s Green radar.

A one-stop shop for all information destruction needs—whether that be simple paper shredding or the more exciting hard drive shredding—the concept for this brand new Denver company was conjured back in 2011 as an off-shoot of Data Tech Labs, Inc. The Denver company started off as solely a hard drive shredding operation. It was Colorado State Law that really pushed the founders to move forward with their idea.

Beginning July 1 of last year, Colorado law states that all electronics must be properly recycled. Obvious environmental reasons aside, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance states that, per ton of waste, recycling sustains ten jobs for ever one landfill job. Recycling electronics cuts down on energy and mining demand, states In response to the high demand for electronic and paper recycling following this law, Data-Destruction added these services to their repertoire.

With digital replacing paper, “individuals and businesses need to have an ‘end of life’ strategy and practice when it comes to electronic data security,” says Stephan Smith of Data-Destruction, “Having your personal data in the wrong hands could be devastating.”

The company offers its services to anything from thumb drives, to hard drives, to cellular phones; once your device is wiped you can even get a certificate confirming the destruction.

Media can be dropped off at Data-Destruction’s Denver lab, securely shipped, or their mobile shredder can come to you. Whichever you prefer,  with secure, immediate and effective data destruction services.

Data-Destruction’s good-doing doesn’t stop at job creation and environmental protection, they’ve partnered with Networks for Veterans, a non-profit that helps Denver Metro and Boulder area veterans gain access to computers.

Data-Destruction helps Networks for Veterans recycle their broken computers and trade in old electronics for refurbished ones that veterans can use to access email, look for jobs, and cruise the web.

RE/MAX of Boulder is happy to partner with Data-Destruction to properly dispose of our unused electronics.


Wondering how “shredding” a hard drive works?

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