Food at the finish line: bRUNch Running in Boulder

Alex Weissner and Cortney Logan’s favorite way to start off Sunday morning was with a run followed, of course, by a healthy helping of omelettes, Eggs Benedict, and pancakes.

“We knew we weren’t the only ones who love brunch,” truthfully states Weissner, “but getting a run in was important.”

The duo utilized Alex’s marketing background to start the first branch of bRUNch Running in April of last year; Denver’s Jonesy’s Eat Bar playing host.

The weekly meet-ups were so well-received in Denver, the founders took it to Phoenix and will debut the Boulder branch this Sunday and The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House.

The club is open to walkers and runners from across the spectrum and every meet-up includes a 5k and 10k course to suit a range of abilities. This week’s 5k route will wrap through Boulder Creek Path and Scott Carpenter Park, looping back to the start to meet up with the 10k route runners.

The routes start and end at a new restaurant each week, allowing bRUNch runners to experience new local dining spots every Sunday. The founders are particularly excited about the Boulder route, saying they, “won’t have to compete with traffic.”

If they didn’t have you at “brunch”, the club has already partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix and Denver’s Metro CareRing, and has a Boulder nonprofit partnership in-the-works. Any funding from the weekly $25 membership fee that doesn’t go towards brunch (entrée, 2 drinks, tax + gratuity) is donated to the bRUNch Running partner nonprofits.

New on the bRUNch Running agenda this year is the is the timed 5k race on September 28th. The bRUNch Run™ participants can look forward to enjoying brunch catered by several Colorado restaurants and breweries upon race completion in an event that Weissner describes as, “race meets food & beer festival.”

Boulder bRUNch Running will “run” from April-September 2014. Don’t miss a meet-up, here’s the Boulder schedule.



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