4 reasons you can sell your car before moving to Boulder

It’s a no-brainer to ditch your car before moving to NYC but Boulder, Colorado?

Boulder is extremely conducive to the car-less commuter. From pedals to V8s, there’re plenty of options to accentuate your car-free lifestyle.

Here’s why you should turn your car into cash before moving to Boulder:

1. 300 mikes of biking (& hiking) trails

Boulder’s infrastructure makes commuting via bike a breeze. Bike paths run near Boulder’s major highways and into its canyons, ensuring there’s no place a car can take you that your bicycle can’t.

Don’t have a bike? Try building one through Community Cycles’s Earn-A-Bike program. Program participants put a little elbow grease into fixing up bikes to sell in the shop. You’ll be given a sturdy frame and all the parts you’ll need to fix it up. You’ll graduate the program with a great bike for your commute and the know-how to keep it in tip-top shape.

Prefer not to own a bike? Boulder’s B-cycle bike share program comes with the slogan, “there when you want them and gone when you don’t.” Sign up for a membership online or pay by-the-hour at any B-cycle station. Grab one of the adjustable bikes, ride to your destination, and ditch it at any B-cycle station. Repeat. An annual membership is $70…a whole lot less than gas, insurance, and car repair!

2. RTD

Boulder’s buses transport passengers to surrounding suburbs and Denver, as well as DIA and the mountains. Boulder has seven buses serving local stops that make getting from one end of two to the other a car-less breeze.  And don’t fret about mountain living, The Climb regularly runs from western Boulder County, along the Four Mile Canyon, and all the way up to Gold Hill. Route N takes skiers from Downtown Boulder to Nederland, home of Eldora Mountain Resort. Check service routes to see which buses travel near you.

3. Vanpooling 

If your work commute is 20 miles or more, this is for you. VanGo takes six people with similar work commutes to work and back, with 12 VanGo routes already passing through Boulder every day. Drivers take turns playing driver, meaning you’ll only have to drive to work every fifth or sixth day. Hop on the HOV lane and cruise past traffic, all while saving you money, wear on your personal car, and reducing your carbon footprint. With 80 established VanGo routes in the North Front Range, there’s always room for more (bonus: VanGo estimates they saved 12.5 million vehicle miles last year).

4. Car sharing

eGo CarSharing  allows you to go car-lite without being car-less. Choose the membership plan that best suits your car use, reserve online, and pay by the mile–gas and insurance included. They’ve got everything from trucks to sedans so instead of owning one vehicle, you’ll have access to over 40!

For more about Boulder’s public transportation and bikeways, check the 36 Commuting Solutions transportation section in the Boulder Relocation Guide.



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