Historic Boulder High Field House Gets a Redux

Boulder High School Players in updated field house and new uniforms. Left to right: Cleveland McCarty, Kobi Boynton, Seth LaBorde adn Gerrit Steffek. photo courtesy BVSD

A motivated group of Boulder High football supporters and flood damage from the massive 2013 overrun of Boulder Creek spurred the inevitable: a sorely needed revamp for the school’s long-standing field house.

The post-flood revitalization, including a school-colors inspired paint job completed this summer, was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony the day before school officially kicked-off. The efforts to refurbish the field house are fueled by a campaign to “raise the standards” for the BHS football program.

The ceremony coincided with the scrimmage game between the BHS Panthers and Standley Lake High School, which the Panthers won 28-14.

Field house restroom out of service due to no running water, caused by a sewer line break in the 2013 flood.

Field house restroom out of service due to no running water, caused by a sewer line break in the 2013 flood.

Built in 1948 and renovated in 1975, the field house at Recht Field is located just above Boulder Creek. The historic building and several areas of the surrounding grounds suffered damage in the 2013 flood.

“The attention being given to the field house to give it a ‘new look’ has generated excitement, energy, and enthusiasm for everyone associated with Boulder High School,” said Robert Simmons, Boulder High School Football Coach. “One of the themes we have used for this football season has been ‘New League, New Team, New Look.’

Partnering with the Boulder Valley Board of Education, BHS students, coaches and parent volunteers worked to refurbish the building in support of the rich history and tradition of athletics at Boulder High School–Boulder’s first and oldest high school. Boulder High School was built in 1875, originally as part of the CU-Boulder campus.

Major donors of expertise, labor, and materials used for the renovations included Vivax Pro Painting, Sherwin Williams, and McDonald Carpet One Floor and Home.

Future plans for the $50K refurbishing project include replacing the field house entry and floor in the locker rooms.

How to get involved

To volunteer or help BHS raise additional funds for facility upgrades, contact Janice Hughes at (303) 746-2960.

Want to cheer the Panthers to a winning season?

View the Boulder High School football schedule.

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