Flatirons Food Film Festival Hits Sweet Spot

“If you drink out of the bottle, your nose doesn’t dangle over the beer.”

As you might guess, without a face-waft of full-bodied aroma, you are missing out on the full taste of fresh beer.

That’s according to Dr. Charles Bamforth, head of Malting and Brewing Science at UC-Davis and focus of the short documentary The Art and Science of Beer.

So began the second annual Flatirons Food Film Festival’s five feature films and full slate of events that perfectly complemented Boulder’s favorite endeavors:

Flatirons Food Film Festival

  • savoring craft beer,
  • celebrating adventurous cuisine,
  • growing and eating local food, and
  • watching indie films.

Speaking of adventurous cuisine, before the movie, festival goers experienced an amazing taste twist on the tostada by Chef Jason Rogers of CyclHOPS, the Oskar Blues Bike Cantina in Longmont. From the pumpkin queso and beef molé to the perfectly crisp shell, the flavors explode in your mouth.

Chef Jason Rogers and Anita Gray of Cyclhops and Oskar Blues Restaurant team serve fabulous pumpkin queso and beer infused tacos.

Chef Jason Rogers and Anita Gray of CyclHOPS, an Oskar Blues Restaurant, serve fabulous pumpkin queso and beer infused tostadas.

Drink Better Beer

With Boulder’s strong foothold in small-batch beer making and as home to the Brewer’s Association, the Festival fittingly kicked-off its feature film segment with Craft, a full-length movie about how industry pioneers strive to maintain quality and independence in the face of rapidly growing demand.

Craft filmmaker Craig Noble’s overriding message of Drink Better Beer is delivered throughout by featured beer makers across America and Canada who brew beer for great taste—full, rich flavor far beyond the beers produced by big national brewers.CRAFTStill

“It’s really an exciting time because the possibilities of beer styles are almost endless,” says Fort Collins-based 24-year-old Odell Brewery’s co-founder, Corkie Odell.

Beer Is Fun

Among the local beer experts on-hand for the panel discussion following the screening, a mantra emerged.

Brian Selders, master brewer of Post Brewing Company in Lafayette, was the first to express the sentiment repeated in some variation by all on the after-movie panel, “Beer is the most fun drink on the planet.”

Don’t You Bring Me No Bad Beer 

For the past decade, the craft beer industry has been on the upswing.

Today, 1.5 breweries open every day, according to Julia Herz of downtown Boulder-based Brewers Association. “There are 3,100 breweries today and 2,000 in the planning stages.”

Given the growth in the industry, today’s master brewers know that fun alone won’t keep craft beer in good stead.

Co-founder of Longmont’s successful Left Hand Brewery, Eric Wallace, believes maintaining quality is essential to the continued success of craft beer.

Eric discovered great tasting beer as a teen playing soccer in Germany. Even today, “I want the beer to be spot-on anywhere I go…One reason for the downturn in craft beer in the 90’s was the lapse in quality.”

Brian Selders believes that there is a responsibility between producer and consumer to keep the quality of the beer excellent. “People shouldn’t accept bad beer, and people shouldn’t put out bad beer,” Brian says.

Why Craft Beer Is Hot 

While the brewers in the film and on the panel believe their raging popularity is due to exceptional flavor — and the parallel rise in foodie and craft beer trends — award-winning beer journalist, Dan Rabin, observes that a cultural dimension is fanning people’s love affair with craft beer: Brew pubs bring neighborhood and community together.

“It’s all about going out for the social experience. It’s about bringing the kids and the dogs. It’s about not being at work, and not being at home,” Dan says.

The Perfect Boulder Pairing

If there’s one thing folks in Boulder love it’s adventurous craft beer drinking. And, fun.

Okay, that’s two things.

But, if the recent surge in wine and martini drinking hijacked your quest for top notch beers, then Craft surely reinvigorated it. Thanks go out to Festival organizer, Julia Joun, for arraigning the After Party at Boulder’s West Flanders Brewing Company, which brought welcome relief to the mighty thirst for high-character beer that Craft inspired.

Flatirons Food Film Festival Organizer, Julia Joun (left)

Flatirons Food Film Festival Organizer, Julia Joun (left)

Find Out More

For a taste of the full slate of this year’s events, check out the Flatirons Food Film Festival’s Facebook page.

Be sure to sign-up for the Flatirons Food Film Festival mailing list so you can get the goods on next year’s cinematic cornucopia.

And, check out Dan Rabin’s new book, A Comprehensive Guide to Colorado Breweries.


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