The Cutest Dogs at RE/MAX of Boulder

Boulder is an incredibly dog friendly city and our office here at RE/MAX of Boulder is no exception!  Our Agents’ furry friends are always making guest appearances around the office.  Here are some of the cutest dogs at RE/MAX of Boulder!


Kali and Harley
Easter 2014

These two black labs are all ready for Halloween! Harley was a  rescue pup from  Rocky Mountain lab rescue which their human, Laurie Kaufman, advocates for.  Now Laurie loves to dress them up for the Holidays!


Harpo loves to dance and hang out with his brothers!  He is a lively dancer who loves to have fun which makes him a perfect match for his vibrant human friend Carroll McCorkle!

Klondike, Won Ton, and Mushu
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Klondike knows how to appreciate the finer things in life like a lovely mountain view or spending time with his family, including his two foster siblings, the baby chow-chows, Won Ton and Mushu.  The Chow-chows are in the foster care of the Art Schwadron and his family.

Jester, Inky, Dancer and Lauren

Jester enjoys agility training

Jester enjoying agility training

Inky playing with his rope

Inky playing with his rope

Dancer poses for professional pictures

Dancer poses for professional pictures

Lauren playing in the snow

Lauren playing in the snow

8 week old puppy pile

8 week old puppy pile

Liz Friedlander is a beagle enthusiast and frequently a dog show judge, who acts as mother to many adorable and energetic beagles.  This beagle family includes many strong personalities and, at the moment, a litter of beagle puppies!

photo (1)

Rosco was Tom Cohen’s first K9 friends and he couldn’t have been a better choice.  He’s “a real relaxed guy” but very smart living up to his pure bred Australian Labradoodle name.  On the weekends he’d rather just lounge around in his denim shirt.

Thor and Electra

Brainard Eskies2

Thor and Electra are brother and sister from a long line of Spitz.  Also known as Thunder and Lightening, they’re certainly some of the most majestic dogs on the list.  They have tons of personality according to their human, Paul Dart, and as far as they’re concerned it’s a dog’s world and we’re just living in it.

China in dandilions

Another rescue dog that managed to make her way into one of our agent’s hearts.  Though China looks like a model here she’s actually quite fun and even has a purple tongue! Sometimes she can be spotted down at our Pearl Street office with Eva Marie.

Rocky and Sadie
Rocky and Sadie

Rocky is a mature dog at 16 years old but he still loves to play with his sister Sadie.  Sadie takes pride in being a “Toto dog” and loves getting in trouble.  They enjoy lovely fall days with their human, Jill Bryant.

Ginger and Bella Blue


These two beautiful pooches love to keep active with their human, Lisa Wade.  Ginger is a happy lab who acts as older sister of the two. Bella Blue is an Aussie that likes to use her obscene amounts of energy for herding purposes but still enjoys cuddling too!


Ojai is an adventurous Australian Cattle dog.  He loves novelty toys from Kid Robot and going on adventures with Ty Hart.


IMG_2323 (1)Alluesha is a beautiful Husky, who always has time to pose for a picture.  She was united with her human, Adison Young through a RE/MAX of Boulder connection!


If you’re looking for a furry friend check out Colorado Canine Rescue, Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue, Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

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