Buying Winter Gear in BoCo

Holy moly, it’s December 17th and the snow’s been flying in the high country, with more to come.

It’s time to get shopping to fill in the gaps in your winter gear or for the perfect holiday gift. But, where should you begin?

Tip #1 – Boulder Sports Recycler

Okay Boulder, in many ways, we can’t help it, we live in a material world.

But this time of year, all that materialism starts to feel like a burden, on you, your wallet, and your earth.

That’s when you’ve got to stop and think: Some things are just as well purchased used—or maybe even better.

Take winter and outdoor gear, for example. If you have kids who need stuff they’ll quickly outgrow, you’re a college student on a budget, or you just like to get a super good deal, Boulder Sports Recycler is for you.

The store is brimming with winter gear, or at least it was two days ago.

Here’s my story: I was looking for a pair of skins for a Christmas gift, and paying a couple of hundred dollars for some sticky, hairy things that go on the bottom of skis for a once- or twice-a-year outing was not appealing. Even though good used skins can be hard to find, I hopped on down to Boulder Sports Recycler and found a whole bin full.

Skis in tow to check the fit, I rummaged through and found one used pair for a small fraction of the cost of new, then bingo, found a NEW set that was a PERFECT fit, just waiting to be trimmed and applied, for less than half the price of a new pair anywhere else. The instructions, template and cutting tool were in the bag, to boot.

Now, that’s a deal, and the kind of experience to be had at Boulder Sports Recycler. If you have kids, you can buy their ski wear and gear there. Then, when they outgrow it the very next year, you can consign it, get some money back when it sells, and buy the next size up. And, then, repeat the process every year.

It works for bikes, too, and snowshoes, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and all things sports or outdoors related.

So, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for one of your offspring or need some kind of gear, start at the Sports Recycler. The world and your wallet will thank you—not to mention the no-nonsense folks at Boulder Sports Recycler.

Boulder Sports Recycler4949 N. Broadway #113, (303) 786-9940  

Tip #2 – Larry the Boot Fitter

Repeat after me:

Ski boots don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Cold feet aren’t part of skiing.

Shins need not get banged up when bouncing down moguls.

If you get your boots from Larry the Boot Fitter, you can leave these painful boot memories in the rear view. Larry Houchen, aka the boot guru, has been fitting ski boots for over 30 years and is a master. Since no two feet are alike, unless you get a custom fit like Larry provides, you’re probably going to experience discomfort and pain in your ski boots.

So, if you’re buying new boots, or your old ones are a pain, stop by Larry’s semi-new location on Folsom across from McGuckin’s. Allow plenty of time or make an appointment, it’s busy during ski season. And be sure to check ski conditions at Eldora before you go to Larry’s—if more than 12” fell overnight, he doesn’t open until noon.

Larry the Boot Fitter1665 Folsom Street, (303) 402-6733

Tip #3 – Discover a Host of Great Ski Gear Stores

Boulder has loads of great ski gear stores. So, be sure to shop local and visit one of these retail shops:

Alpine Base and Edge2709 Spruce Street, (303) 443-0814

Boulder Ski DealsVillage Boulder Shopping Center, 2525 Arapahoe Avenue,  (303) 938-8799

Crystal Ski Shop3216 Arapahoe Avenue, (303) 449-7669

Moosejaw1755 29th Street, (720) 452-2432

Outdoor Divas2317 30th Street, (303) 449-3482

REI1789 28th Street, (303) 583-9970

Sports Authority3320 28th Street, Diagonal Plaza, (303) 449-9021

The North Face1711 29th Street, (303) 499-1731

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