How to Calm Your Kids on Christmas Eve

If you are expecting Santa at your home tonight, your children are no doubt bursting with excitement.

Sleep is the last thing on their list, but getting them to sleep is at the top of yours. A little strategy and the magic of candlelight does wonders to overcome this conundrum.

This magical approach is based on what I learned from the wise founder of Boulder’s Snow Lion Preschool, Kristin Lhatso. The specifics can be changed to suit your family traditions. This became such a cherished family tradition in my home that we still do it today.

Kid-Calming Magic

Put candles around the main living and dining areas of your house—safely of course. Tea lights are great for this, or ‘faux’ led candles.

At dinnertime, or when you return home from dinner out, turn out all light and use only candlelight for the rest of the night.

A hush naturally settles over this candlelit scene. Add to the quiet by speaking only in a whisper. Your children, and you, will eventually become still, mesmerized by the glow of the candles. You can tell stories, read Christmas classics, or sing quiet carols–whatever matches your family traditions.

When family time is over, escort your child to bed using only candlelight. Tuck him or her in and leave the room. Chances are your child will drop off to sleep quickly.

Channel Restless Energy

Today is gorgeous, so get outside. Wonderful Boulder traditions include:

Hike to the Flagstaff Star late in the afternoon or early evening. You can even pack some hot chocolate, slide down the hill, and watch the sun set over Boulder.

Snowshoe or cross country ski at Brainard Lake. With the recent snow, the trails should be good. Avalanche conditions have been high the past couple of days, so if you are getting out, be sure to check avalanche conditions here.

Ski with Santa at Eldora, or dress your best for the ugly sweater or festive elf contest.

Or, you can do yoga with your child. You can read more about the effects of asanas in our December Featured Friends spotlight on Boulder Yoga Kids.



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