Ready, Set, High School!

High school. What an adventure–for students and parents alike.

High school is a time when individuality comes to the forefront and emerging young adults face seemingly endless freedoms and choices—from which classes to take and where to eat lunch to which extra curricular activities to pursue–both healthy and maybe, eerrr, not-so-healthy.

It’s a time when abilities blossom and students can strive to achieve their maximum, all the while maintaining a rich social and family life.

It’s quite a juggling act.

And therein lies the journey toward adulthood, with students learning to say ‘yes’ to some things and ‘no’ to others, and parents finding new ways to support their soon-to-be adults.

A key part of the high school equation is an educational environment your student will thrive in and, hopefully, have the time of their life. With Open Enrollment fully underway, now is the time to explore options.

As a part of our continuing series on BVSD schools in and around Boulder, following is our summary of Boulder high schools.

To see a complete listing of all high schools in the Boulder Valley School District—including Lafayette, Louisville, Nederland, and parts of Broomfield—visit BVSD’s high schools website page.

Public High Schools in Boulder, Starting in Northeast Boulder

School information was summarized from BVSD and individual school websites.

Boulder Preparatory High School, located in the Gunbarrel area, is a charter school offering a college-preparatory program for students seeking a small-school setting and individualized attention. High standards, rigorous academics, and a unique and diverse curriculum meets BVSD core requirements, and a weekly Life Skills program is designed to prepare students for adulthood and social responsibilities. Programs include morning inspirational stories, breakfast, direct instruction with intensive small-group tutoring, arts, family outreach, service learning, a developmental bilingual program, concurrent enrollment, life skills, American Indian Focus, scholarship, and extended hours. College acceptance, service learning and a senior portfolio are required for graduation. Boulder Prep takes pride in helping to transform youth-at-risk into college bound youth-of-promise. For more information call 303.545.6186.

Boulder High School, located in central Boulder, is the oldest established high school in Colorado. With a motto of A Place for Everyone, Boulder High is known for its committed staff and Advanced Placement focus school, which offers an extensive AP program with 29 AP courses—one of the most comprehensive in the state.  Excellent visual and performing arts classes include pottery, photography and video production with state of the art labs and studios. Founded as part of the University of Colorado in 1875, students access CU libraries, the Conference on World Affairs, and cultural community activities. Boulder High has one of the district’s largest English-as-a-second-language programs, serving students from 30 countries. Five foreign languages are offered including Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Latin. Boulder High’s School Showcase for incoming students is December 9 from 6 to 8 pm. For more information, watch the BHS video or call 720.561.2200.

Arapahoe Campus is comprised of Arapahoe Ridge High School, Boulder Career and Technical Education Center, and the Options Academy.  Programs are designed to transform the lives of a diverse body of students and provide a distinctive learning experience. For more information on the programs described below, call 720-561-5220.

  • Arapahoe Ridge High School, located on the Arapahoe Campus, is an alternative high school that provides students who are over-aged and under-credit with a distinctive learning experience and the opportunity to meet BVSD diploma graduation standards. Students can participate in concurrent enrollment with Front Range Community College, earning 100 credits per school year. Programs include Teen Parent, Newcomers with one-year English immersion, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and Restorative Justice.
  • Boulder Career Technical Education Center offers rigorous academic and technical skills for college and career readiness through concurrent enrollment in community colleges and embedded required curriculum for high school graduation. State Licensing Exams are available in Nursing Assistant, Esthetician, Hairstyling and Nail Technology.
  • Options Academy offers credit recovery from a failed course through standards-based grading and instruction.  Students are given personalized learning plans with one-on-one instruction while concurrently enrolling with BVSD high schools.

New Vista High School, located southwest of the CU-Boulder campus, is a focus school that values diversity and provides approximately 320 students with rigorous learning in a supportive culture. Student-centered, project-based learning is designed to develop each student’s talents, gifts, and interests and actively engage every student in rigorous learning. New Vista’s program includes high expectations; personal relationships built on mutual respect; active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings; and significant opportunities to learn in the community. New Vista’s School Showcase for incoming students is Dec. 11 and Jan. 13. For more information call 720.561.8700.

Fairview High School, located in south Boulder, offers programs designed to meet diverse needs of individual learners, including a strong college prep program, International Baccalaureate Diploma program, and vast array of Advanced Placement classes.  Fairview has been recognized as a Gold Medal school by U.S. News & World Report and offers a highly competitive sports program and nationally recognized fine arts program. Fairview offers an honors program in which students can mix traditional courses with portions of the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs. The school’s goal is for each and every student to challenge themselves academically, athletically and artistically to develop new skills, stretch their abilities and pursue new levels of personal excellence. Fairview’s School Showcase for incoming students is Dec. 3 at 6:30 pm. For more information call 720.561.3100.

Boulder Universal is BVSD’s online school for middle and high school students. Boulder Universal offers flexible hours and highly differentiated content. For more information call 720-561-5297.

Mark Your Calendar

If you and your child are considering a focus school or school that is not your designated neighborhood school, submit your Open Enrollmentapplication for the 2015-16 school year between Dec. 1 and Jan. 16.

Learn More

To learn more about Open Enrollment in BVSD, read our post on Open Enrollment or visit the BVSD website.

To see a full listing of high schools in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, parts of Broomfield, and the mountain communities of Jamestown, Gold Hill, and Nederland, click here.





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