Winter Fun

School is finally out for winter break and now suddenly you have 3 weeks of fun to pack in before classes start again. It might seem like the snow and cold would limit activities, but that is far from the truth! Here’s a definitive list of activities that will keep to entertained over the winter break:

1) Go Skiing


Colorado has many world class ski resorts to take advantage of and winter break is the perfect time to do so. Elder mountain is a mere 45 minute drive and one of the only places you can wake up at noon and still get a couple hours in. Along with keystone, Breckenridge, A basin, and Loveland there are many close areas to have fun without the sun.

2) Build a igloo


You’re in College, but for some reason you have never built an igloo. Over winter break with a few feet of snow, Igloo building is imminent. Grab some friends, some jackets, and head outside to build your igloo and if you’re truly in the winter spirit, sleep in it.

3) Play Pond Hockey


Hockey is awesome and so is winter! By combining two awesome things, one super-awesome activity can emerge. This super awesome activity is called pond hockey and doesn’t require much: a stick, a puck, some skates, and a frozen pond. Invented (presumably) by our Canadian brothers, hockey allows you and all your friends to glide magically across frozen lakes and fight each other.  Word to the wise: it is NOT legal to play hockey on varsity pond on campus and will result in police contact. Trust me.

4) Go Snowshoeing

Your need for adventure can only be tamed by an epic quest through waist-high snowpack, sub zero temperatures, and breathtaking views. With an easy trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, miles of untamed winter wilderness lay ahead of you to conquer. Strap on your snowshoes, grab a set of ski poles, and discover the brilliant views Colorado has to offer in the winter months.

5) Go to RedRocks for Decadence

Every new years eve calls for something memorable (or lack thereof) so why not treat yourself to a concert. Now you might be thinking that a concert at red rocks in December is ludicrous, but getting dressed up in ski gear paired with athletic dancing can warm the body very well. This Two day concert series takes place December 30th and 31st and showcases some of today’s biggest musical acts including, Bassnectar, Disclosure, Flux Pavilion, Grizmatic, and many more.

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