Hit the Bricks! CU in Legos

CU-Boulder’s Hit the Bricks Lego Rendering of Mackey Auditorium

Whether Legos are your thing or not, this scale replica of CU-Boulder’s campus is a must see.

Depicted in roughly 500,000 LEGO bricks, the facsimile of campus is rich with detail, including bats swirling around Old Main’s classic tower.

Not that bats currently swoop the building—it’s more of an homage to days past when bats resided in the attic bat house, according to Luc Polglaze, CU Heritage Center museum assistant.

Click on the images to see the details.

Bats swirl around the iconic tower of Old Main.

Bats swirl around iconic Old Main tower.

Designed and built by the Colorado/Wyoming LEGO® Users’ Group (CoWLUG), the display is the newest addition to the Heritage Center’s collection of historic CU artifacts and memorabilia housed on the third floor of Old Main.

Depicted are:

  • Old Main
  • Macky Auditorium
  • Mary Rippon Theatre
  • Folsom Stadium, and
  • Duane Physics.

A suspended Voyager spacecraft hangs above, paying tribute to CU’s central role in space exploration.

Whimsical Display

The concept is to present “a whimsical display of iconic buildings,” as well as show CU achievements, said Allyson Smith, director of the University of Colorado’s CU Heritage Center.

Half a million Lego bricks may sound like a lot, but when you see the exhibit, you’ll wonder why it didn’t take more.

Folsom Field, complete with video-streaming Jumbotron, took about 250,000 pieces.

Folsom Field, complete with video-streaming Jumbotron, required about 250,000 pieces.

Delight Is in the Details

Renditions of the buildings and grounds are amazingly accurate, right down to the numerous tree varieties represented (CU has more than 100 species).

But look closely, because the fun is in the depiction of ‘goings on’ on campus–some real and some imaginary.

Remember the bear in the tree a few year’s ago? It’s right here in LEGO plastic.

The famed 'Bear in the Tree' on CU's campus.

The famed ‘Bear in the Tree’ on CU’s campus.

And, while there’s never been an actual T-Rex unearthed on campus, a rich scene of discovery references the Archaeology Program at CU-Boulder.

“That might be my favorite aspect of the exhibit because of how much is going on there. There’s the T-Rex, a caveman, news crew, students, archaeologists, explorers,” adds Polglaze.

T-Rex scene references CU-Boulder's Archaeology Program.

T-Rex scene references CU-Boulder’s Archaeology Program.

Be sure to note the football players on Folsom Field–it’s no less than Buffaloes and Rams (check out those uniforms!).

Rocky Mountain Showdown - Check out those uniforms!

Rocky Mountain Showdown

Future Plans

“Each year for homecoming, we hope to add a new feature. For the 2015 homecoming, we’re looking to add Fiske Planetarium with a laser show inside, as well as ‘The Hill’ potentially,” says Polglaze.

Perfect Outing for Cold Winter Day

This exhibit is perfect for kids of all ages, and adults too, especially this time of year when the weather gets cold and miserable.

There’s seemingly infinite detail in the 11′ x 17′ campus scene, so it entertains for a while.

Plus, for young LEGO builders, it serves as inspiration for the possibilities. To find all of the fun, visitors can play the “Eye Spy” scavenger hunt.

So Go

CU-Boulder’s Heritage Center is open Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

The LEGO® exhibit is a long-term display and admission is free.


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