RTD Reviews Cost of Daily Bus Passes and Service Delivery

Affordable, efficient public transportation is a critical issue. Here’s your chance to make your voice heard.

Taking the bus is an easy way to avoid situations such as driving in snowy weather and parking at a Broncos game. That’s why cost-effective and quick transit service from Boulder to Denver is essential. Currently the Regional Transportation District (RTD) is reviewing how to improve its fare structure and service delivery on US 36. RTD is holding upcoming public hearings on both issues to get feedback from Boulder County residents and others.

RTD Proposed Fare Study

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is conducting a fare study which will impact Denver metro and Boulder residents who use transit. These proposed fares will take effect early 2016 with a process to seek public input throughout the district beginning in March.

In February, RTD approved proceeding to simplify their fare policy in an equitable and cost-effective manner. RTD is considering whether US 36 BRT routes will be priced at the Local, Regional or Express fare rate. RTD’s Fare Study shows how the current fare rates compare to the proposed fare rates. The proposed new transit fares for single boardings would cost $2.60 for a Local bus, $4.50 for an Express bus, $5.50 for a Regional bus and $10 to take the bus to Denver International Airport. Read more about the RTD’s recommendations and the next steps for new fare pricing.

US 36 Proposed Bus Rapid Transit Service Plan 

Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, will offer a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly way to travel the corridor. US 36 BRT is the first service of its kind that will connect the Denver metro area with the Northwest region’s world-class businesses, federal institutions and the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Flatiron Flyer is the new rapid transit service that the Regional Transportation District (RTD) will launch early 2016 as part of the voter-approved RTD FasTracks Program. The RTD FasTracks project is a voter-approved comprehensive plan to build and operate high-speed commuter rail lines, light rail lines and improve bus service and Park-n-Rides throughout the region.

flyer in boulder-DB-#259D0C (3)

Rendering of Flatiron Flyer brand identity.

RTD is proposing a service plan for US 36 Bus Rapid Transit, which will be implemented early 2016. Factors under consideration include simplifying routes, introducing bi-directional service, implementing high frequency service mid-day and consolidating routes.

RTD’s current proposal assumes a 16 percent increase in service hours and a 10 percent increase in net revenue invested in transit service on US 36.

Read more about the proposed US 36 BRT Service Plan and view a map of proposed routes and fares that affect those traveling on US 36. RTD will hold public meetings starting in March to get comments and suggestions.

RTD Fare Study (2)

An RTD public meeting about the fare study.

The public meeting about US 36 BRT Service for Boulder residents is on Monday, March 16 at 6 p.m. in the Boulder Public Library. The address is 1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder Creek Room, Boulder, CO 80302. We encourage you to get involved!

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