BIFF Racing Extinction Eco-Car’s Stunning Visual Display

As Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) comes to a close tonight, you won’t want to miss a unique opportunity to see the state-of-the-art electric eco-race car that will be projecting haunting images of endangered species on the back of Boulder County Courthouse.

BIFF Racing Extinction Eco-Car





In conjunction with the screening of the Sundance Film Festival-premiered documentary Racing Extinction during BIFF’s closing ceremony, the modified Tesla Racing Extinction car, brings to life the prediction that we may be entering a sixth major extinction event by the year 2100 when scientists anticipate that we will lose half of the planet’s species.

The car is being driven by environmental activist and professional race car driver Leilani Munter, who was also a panelist for the BIFF Global Town Hall. Leilani is also featured in the Racing Extinction documentary and is an outspoken activist, vegan and Discovery Planet Green’s #1 eco athlete.

Leilana Munter BIFF Eco-Car






The futuristic car has been touring Boulder and Denver during BIFF. Designed and engineered by Obscura Digital, it is specially painted with electroluminescent paint that can be turned on and off, has a FLIR infrared camera that enables CO2 emissions as well as a customized video projection system.

When: Sunday, March 8 at 8:30 pm

Where: Back of Boulder County Courthouse, near the Boulder Theater 

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