Spring Break in Maya del Yard

photo courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

So you are not headed to Mexico for spring break.

Care not! You can grab tons of adventure for your family anyway, including coming eye-to-eye with a 17 foot-long dragon.

Even if it gets sloppy outside, there is plenty of fun to be had right in our own backyard.

The BoulderSource is celebrating spring break in Maya del Yard with these two memory-packed ‘Spring Break Extravaganza Days’ plus a list of fun things to do come rain or shine.

Mythical Creatures Day

Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaids is a child’s dream come true. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science scores BIG in our book for opening this exhibit March 20, just in time for spring break.

photo courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

photo courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

Just take a look at the large models of mythic and real creatures you encounter on this journey of storytelling fantasy and your next question will be when, where, and how much.

photo courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

photo courtesy of American Museum of Natural History

Top Ten Things to Do at Mythic Creatures

  • Stare down a 17-foot-long dragon.
  • Look up to Gigantopithecus, a real, now-extinct ape that inspired myths about creatures like Bigfoot.
  • Draw your own mythic creature.
  • Take a green screen photo of yourself with a unicorn or a dragon.
  • See one of the largest fossil eggs in existence, rare evidence of Aepyornis, the extinct “elephant bird” of Madagascar.
  • Check out the “Feejee mermaid,” a hoax made famous by P. T. Barnum.
  • Create your own digital dragon.
  • Learn about Colorado myths, such as jackalope, fur-bearing trout, and the Colorado Howler.
  • Walk among the tentacles of an enormous kraken.
  • Explore the classic inspirations for the mystical mermaids of the world.

Mythical Creatures Treat Stop

The perfect place to refuel a kraken-sized hunger is the museum’s T-Rex Cafe. Menu choices include salad bar, hamburgers, kids meals and more, served from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily.

And, when you’ve befriended your last dragon, you are going to love this Denver scoop:

Little Man Ice Cream

little man ice cream

photo courtesy of Little Man Ice Cream

Housed in a 28-foot-tall cream can reminiscent of the doughnut and hot-dog-shaped restaurants of vintage Americana, Little Man Ice Cream serves dozens of flavors, including Bhakti Chai and French Toast in the Highland neighborhood.

Located at 2620 15th Street — a short 15 minute drive from the Museum of Nature and Science — this sweet experience is a must for any family looking for spring goodness and memorable experiences.

Campus Fun in Boulder

CU Boulder and its surrounds offers super activities locals are often too busy for in our regular life. No matter the weather, here is the perfect way to bring the note of adventure every spring break needs.

CU Boulder Museum of Natural History


photo courtesy of CU Boulder Museum of Natural History

Filled with exhibitions featuring natural and cultural wonders from Colorado, North America, and the world, this museum is currently showing Steps in Stone, Walking Through Time. The exhibit highlights trackway fossils never before shown. Interactive displays invite children and adults to explore how animals — from insects to dinosaurs — traveled, leaving tracks that became fossils which reveal details about ancient landscapes and animals.

Museum entrance is free with a small donation suggested. Information can be found here.

Hit the Bricks

CU-Boulder's Hit the Bricks Lego Rendering of Mackey Auditorium

CU-Boulder’s Hit the Bricks Lego Rendering of Mackey Auditorium

Children love Legos and this exhibit taps into their delight with a scale replica of some of CU’s campus. Loaded with whimsy and detail, it even includes an eye-spy game to help find the treasures and unique moments on display.

You can read more about the display here and get visitor information here.

Trip Treat

Nothing beats Rush Bowls on the Hill for yummy treats that are wholesome but taste wonderfully indulgent. One personal favorite is the signature Beach Bowl, loaded with Acai, mango, banana and pure guava juice blended with yogurt and other natural ingredients, and topped with organic hemp granola & honey.

Spring Break Kick-Off


photo courtesy of Fiske Planetarium

Rocket into spring break with a nod to the sky on the Vernal Equinox, March 20 at 4:45—the official start of spring. Great ways to do that include:

  • Enjoy an evening bike ride, hike and picnic
  • Bar-b-que with friends
  • Visit Fiske Planetarium’s Live Faculty Talk: Catching A Comet with the Rosetta Spacecraft. The show starts at 7 pm and runs for one hour. Click here for tickets.

Free Play Activities 

The City of Boulder is hosting several opportunities to get out and search for the first signs of spring at the Civic Area Peace Garden.

Ages 4-7 — 9 to 11 a.m. on Monday, March 23 and Wednesday, March 25

Ages 8-12 — 9 to 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 26


photo courtesy of City of Boulder

And, don’t miss the new zip line at Elks Park.

Bon voyage!


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