Amelia Rose Earhart To Speak In Boulder

The view from Amelia Rose Earhart’s Pilatus PC12-NG as she circumnavigated the globe. (courtesy image)

The Democratic Women of Boulder County have a not-to-miss program on tap Tuesday evening April 14, and everyone is invited.

The pilot.

The pilot

Speakers include Denver’s Amelia Rose Earhart, namesake of the legendary pilot. In 2014, Ms. Earhart became the youngest woman ever to complete an around-the-world flight in a single engine aircraft. She flew a Pilatus PC12-NG 28,000 miles, crossing the equator six times through fourteen countries, completing a circumnavigation of the globe.

Ms. Earhart’s parents named their daughter to inspire her to live a life of passion and adventure, and she is certainly doing that. Once a talented broadcast reporter with Denver’s 9News, Ms. Earhart is now sharing her flight experiences in speaking engagements across the country, putting a fine point on the original Amelia Earhart’s ahead-of-her-time message that women can do whatever they want to do.

Her focus today is on helping others build a sense of self-reliance and confidence through flight, especially girls. Ms. Earhart founded the Fly With Amelia Foundation, which provides flight training for young women 16-18.

In addition, Dem Women will  dedicate part of the evening to “a much needed dialogue on the Michelle Wilkins case,” says president Ashley Farrington. District Attorney Stan Garnet will join the program to discuss the case as will Representative Mike Foote. Representative Foote passed a bill in the 2013 session, The Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act, and will speak to the recent legislation introduced as a result of the Wilkins case.

“While we hope this discussion will address questions around the charges brought against the accused, we also hope this gathering will help begin the healing process in our community,” says Ms. Farrington. “Our hearts and prayers are with Michelle Wilkins and her family.”

The event is being held Tuesday,  April 14th @ 6 p.m. at the Hotel Boulderado.
Tickets are $75. Register here

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