Rock ‘n Run: Boulder’s Memorial Day Bashes

2014 Michael Nyffeler Start, photo courtesy BolderBoulder

Rain or shine, Boulder rocks all weekend with two long-standing Memorial Day traditions – the 36th annual BolderBoulder 10K road race and the 28th Boulder Creek Festival.

Courtesy of Boulder Creek Productions

Courtesy of Boulder Creek Productions

Treasured as Boulder’s unofficial kickoff to summer — and hopefully luxuriating in the arrival of  summer weather —  the Boulder Creek Festival® runs Saturday, 10 a.m. – Monday, 7 p.m.

Held along the Boulder Creek corridor from 9th Street to 14th Street, the ‘Creek Fest’ is free to the public.

This year, don’t miss the Teen Creek Fest’s Battle of the Bands and Singers & Songwriters competition on Sunday.

Teen singers and bands auditioned at the Fox Theater in early May for a chance to compete. Located next to the Dushanbe Tea House, Teen Creek Fest showcases our community teens, featuring three days of music, dance, arts, and theater. The area is organized by a volunteer Teen Advisory Board with the help of the Rock and Pop Music Academy of Boulder, the Fox Theater, and other local businesses.

Find out about all nine event areas here.

Courtesy BolderBoulder

Courtesy BolderBoulder

“Oh Yes You Can!” – BolderBoulder Memorial Day Race and Tribute

Everyone knows that as the third largest road race in the U.S., the BolderBoulder brings out the runner in everyone. This year’s race features the traditional 50,000-strong throng of runners, joggers, and walkers celebrated by more than 100,000 enthusiasts lining the streets and filling the stadium.

But, you may not know that the BolderBoulder hosts one of the largest Memorial Day tributes in the nation.

Courtesy BolderBoulder

Courtesy BolderBoulder

“The Memorial Day tribute is a very special part of the event to us,” says spokesperson, Stephanie Winslow.

This year’s ceremony features an in-person tribute to four WWII veterans, an enlistment ceremony with over 100 enlistees, and the national anthem will be a solo bugle performance by WWII veteran and Battle of the Bulge survivor, Stewart Boone, now about 90-years-old.

Of the four WWII veterans:

  • Two are Tuskegee Airmen, Lt. Colonel James Harvey, III, USAF, Retired, Lakewood, CO and Mr. Franklin Macon, Colorado Springs, CO. Tuskegee Airmaen are the first African-American military aviators in the United States Armed Forces.
  • 99-year-old, Betty Lotowicz, Boulder, CO, served as a WASP, Women Airforce Service Pilots, a paramilitary aviation organization granted veteran status in 1977, and
"WomanFactory1940s" by Howard R. Hollem - Image available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division, digital ID fsac.1a34951. Licensed under Public Domain

“Woman Factory 1940s” by Howard R. Hollem – U.S. Library of Congress, digital ID fsac.1a34951. Public Domain.

Weather permitting there will be the traditional crowd-pleasing flyover and sky divers.

New at the BolderBoulder

To help newcomers get the lay of the land, race officials developed the “BolderBoulder 10K App,” downloadable from iTunes and GooglePlay.

App Post“Even if you don’t have a great Internet connection you can pull maps to find parking, drop off spots, and mobile lockers. We think it’s going to be awesome for runners, especially first-time runners,” says Winslow.

For returning runners, the app has “Couch to 10K” and “Intermediate” training plans. New race sponsor, Strava, integrated its training app as well.

Runners can also access results post-race through the “BolderBoulder 10K App.”

This year’s social media link is #boldnation. “On race day we pick pictures and tweets and posts that we put on the screen in the stadium, so that’s the hashtag to use if you want to share your start-line picture or stadium picture with your family. “We share those all day live,” says Winslow.

Zero Waste Nearly in the Bag

Four hundred thousand is a lot of cups, but with seven or eight water stations and 50,000 runners that’s what it takes to keep everyone hydrated. A welcome change for this year is transitioning all 400,000 to compostable cups.

“It’s an awesome change for us because we are going to raise our landfill diversion rate from about 65% to 80 – 85% and you’re considered zero waste at about 90% so we’re getting close to that.”

So Go

Taking a bus to the Festival or the BolderBoulder is strongly encouraged–pick up the bus without worrying about finding a parking space.

Click here for BolderBoulder RunRide schedules and here for a map of bus routes in Boulder.



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