Wonder-full: Juicing for Life

The Juice Girls (from left): Brooke Jordan, Robyn Knowlan, and Cecily Runge Photo by Ali.V, courtesy Wonder Press

Next time you need a pick me up, go for the real deal the Juice Girls are serving up at the new location for Wonder on the West End at 946 Pearl.

And, plan to ‘sip-in’ so you can enjoy the gorgeous surrounds these Wonder women put their hearts and sweat into.

Childhood Beginnings

Started in 2013 by three longtime, Boulder-grown friends, Wonder is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice and nut milk shop. Founders Cecily Runge, Robyn Knowlan and Brooke Jordan believe that “food has the power to transform your life.”

Photo courtesy Wonder

Photo courtesy Wonder

Cold-pressed, never pasteurized, never pressure-processed Wonder juice is produced from locally grown, organic vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs. This liquefaction results in rich freshness packed with the “healing force” of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals—all in a single glass bottle.

Having met during elementary school years at Boulder’s Shining Mountain Waldorf School, the three friends concocted Wonder after returning home from living in large cities across the U.S.

Photo courtesy Wonder

Photo courtesy Wonder

That’s where they fell in love with the life-changing culture of cold-pressed juices. “We couldn’t find anything like it in Boulder and we wanted to share this amazing discovery with our hometown,” says Runge.

Now Boulder fans relish favorites like cucumber, spinach and ginger-rich Spicy Greens and the fresh nut milk Yum Yum Latte.

Juicy Digs

The new space has its own nourishing vibe, offering a warm, inviting environment that mixes historic old brick charm with clean, contemporary lighting.

“We did all the design work ourselves, and then worked with a contractor, but did some of the heavy lifting,” says managing partner Cecily Runge.

Photo courtesy Wonder

Photo courtesy Wonder

Plus, they did it quickly, going from their pop-up location—a temporary month-to-month lease on Canyon Boulevard—to re-doing their new West End home in six weeks. “That included ordering and everything. We had to get it done very quickly. It was fun, very fun,” Runge says.

Today, the three are almost always at the new Wonder shop. “We’re on the seven-day work week schedule for now,” Runge says.

Minimalist Glamour

One of the great pleasures was the unexpected elements underneath years of reinvention from one eatery to another.

Photo courtesy Wonder

Photo courtesy Wonder

Behind the boring old drywall, lay charming historic brick.

And hidden under the dark and shiny prefab wood flooring waited “gorgeous warm wood” ready for the reveal of a good sanding, according to Runge, the leader of the trio’s design efforts.

“We were inspired by mid-century modern design, warm minimalist and went for something we refer to as minimalist glamour. We drew from many places from LA to NY to Europe. It was really something we conjured up in our minds, looked at different elements and compiled looks from different spaces,” Runge explained.

Future Plans

Armed with a license for beer and wine, plans are in the works to host evening events—from receptions to holiday parties.

Last week, Wonder hosted the first Boulder showing of “Knee Deep”–the film about the Mudslingers who came together to bail mud out of homes after the 2013 flood. The event was for the Kickstarter donors who supported the making of the film.


Photo courtesy Wonder

Photo courtesy Wonder

“We love our hometown,” says Wonder partner Brooke Jordan, “and we greatly value the opportunity to continue building our business around sustainable practices like re-using our bottles and donating our leftover pulp to local farms.”

So Go

Monday—Friday: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

946 Pearl Street

(720) 449-6974


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