Full STEAM Fest Ahead

Play, tinker, hack: one of the most inspirational events of the year will make you want to make!

Two exuberant Boulder entrepreneurs and moms, Martha Lanaghen and Mary Anne Zacek, co-founded Maker Boulder, the epicenter for hands-on learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship/Engineering, Arts, and Making/Math/Music) for people of all ages.

Maker Boulder facilitates experiential learning and thought-provoking exchanges about education throughout the year. From afterschool programs and summer camps for mini makers to workshops for adults, they spark makers and innovators to take to design spaces and come up with their own inventive and exploratory creations.

After organizing their first major event — the wildly successful Mini Maker Faire in January 2015 — which attracted over 5,500 attendees from 17 states and four countries, Lanaghen and Zacek decided to blow out the fair into an even larger event. Says Lanaghen, “We observed from the Mini Maker Faire that Boulder – and the region — is hungry for this type of opportunity.”

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Photo courtesy of 23rd St. Studios

Lanaghen and Zacek are organizing the upcoming Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest being held at Boulder County Fairgrounds on September 5th and 6th with an expected attendance of 10,000. Attendees will be able to actively participate in over 100 interactive exhibits ranging from building with 20,000 Lego bricks or life-sized Minecraft “pixels,” exploring catapaults and 3D printing, joining an AMA-sanctioned drone competition and Autonomous Vehicle race, and even programming a pen-equipped drawing robot or an app-powered cloud of LED lights.

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Photo courtesy of 23rd St. Studios

“Our goal is to ignite imagination for people of all ages. That simple, wide-eyed appreciation of creativity and ingenuity and the belief that you can take a pile of parts and make something beautiful or useful that wasn’t in the world before,” says Zacek.

Lanaghen points out that they have specifically “amped up” the arts component of the event with a live music stage, performers, DJ – and even live music jam in which hundreds of people will bring their own instruments (or voices) to play music together on Saturday, September 5 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.

STEAM Fest is honored to welcome special guest speaker Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University professor, scientist, and an inspiring, internationally renowned speaker on autism. She is a passionate advocate for interactive, hands-on learning and experimentation to solve real-world problems. Strategic illustrator Christina Chopyak will also be on hand to draw out Dr. Grandin’s talk in pictures.

Temple Grandin headshot

An educational component of STEAM Fest, STEAM University will bring educators together to learn about new teaching methods and technologies.

STEAM Fest will also feature a beer garden and a dozen food trucks over two days. Tickets will be donated to the YMCA for families in need. To purchase tickets – or to exhibit, volunteer, speak/present, or sponsor – visit http://www.gosteamfest.com

About Maker Boulder

Maker Boulder is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, makers, and parents working to inspire the next generation of innovators. Our mission is to fuel a collaboration that brings STEAM education, design thinking, and invention to the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Visit us at http://www.makerboulder.com and @MakerBoulder. For more information, contact info@MakerBoulder.com or call Martha at (303) 257-6222.

Learn more about the Mini Maker Faire held in January 2015 and about Maker Boulder:

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