Boulder Chamber Women Leaders and Google Open Eyes to the Economic Power of Nonprofits

Switch the thinking: nonprofits are not just recipients of philanthropy, they are value-driven enterprises that help sustain and vitalize the economy.

The Business Women’s Leadership Group at the Boulder Chamber, Google, and the Human Services Alliance of Boulder County have a powerful message to their networks, to local businesses, and to the community at large: nonprofits are essential to the economic vitality of Boulder County.

Nonprofits not only provide social good, they have economic clout – and they can ally with businesses to help them become community change agents.


Last week Boulder Chamber women leaders gathered at Google’s office for breakfast and a presentation illuminating the indispensable need for the nonprofit sector in Boulder County and the benefits of supporting and partnering with them.

Introductions were made by the Boulder Chamber’s Business Women’s Leadership Group Chair, Emma Dunn, and Community Partnership Council’s Nonprofit Liaison and Advisor, Leslie Durgan.


President of the Boulder Chamber John Tayer also spoke, underscoring the concept that nonprofits are businesses that not only provide urgent services to residents, but also employ thousands of people and purchase direct goods and services locally, ultimately improving the quality of life for everyone in Boulder County.


Graciously hosted by Google – a leading business partnering with local nonprofits – Site Director Scott Green, stated their commitment to the local nonprofit sector. He also discussed product development at Google’s Boulder location including Google Drive, Google Payments, and Brillo as well as plans for expansion from 400 employees to 1,000 at the new office location currently under construction.



President Susan Levy (Boulder Women’s Health) and Janet Beardsley (YWCA) from the Human Services Alliance of Boulder County (HSA), an umbrella organization, which represents 70 local nonprofit organizations that receive local government funding, gave the keynote presentation. Nonprofit members of the HSA provide a host of critical programs and services — from basic needs to emergency services to education and physical and mental health services.

They spoke about the importance of these safety net services that are used by 2 in 5 Boulder County residents at some point in their lives. The human services sector also has longer lasting impact than any other business sector, working with residents along their entire lifespan. This sector also directly influences public policy through advocacy.

They highlighted the 2014 Leeds School of Business study exploring nonprofit impact in Boulder County. The study shows that direct spending from nonprofits were reported at $162.5 million for the year, and the total estimated economic contribution was $254.8 million.


Together cross-sector, strategic partnerships between businesses and nonprofits can create mutual value and can help make strides in the economic health and strength of the Boulder economy and community.



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