The Heat Is On: Bike to Work Day

Boulder’s love of biking will show in a big way when locals of all ages pedal their way to work for Bike to Work Day 2016.

And they likely will ride in droves — no matter how hot it may be.

Last June, 8,400 people are estimated to have ridden in Boulder on Bike to Work Day 2015, according to Boulder’s Walk and Bike Month website.

“Bike to Work Day is what Walk & Bike Month is all about. It encourages people to get out of their cars, while also showing how fun it can be to commute on bike,” says Sue Prant, director of Walk & Bike Month.

Bike to work day bicyclist enjoying RE/MAX of Boulder tire patch kits

Bike to Work Day 2015 bicyclist enjoying RE/MAX of Boulder’s breakfast station.

Now among the largest in the nation, Boulder’s Bike to Work Day kicked off in 1977 and has grown to a month-long celebration. Walking and biking are featured with events designed to encourage people to change their transportation behavior by experiencing Boulder’s 380 miles of award-winning bike facilities and trails.

Those very multimodal corridors are cited as the reason Boulder received the Platinum-Level Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League of American Bicyclists.

Breakfast & Service Stations – Eat from Skratch 

More than 60 breakfast and service stations around town will open at 6:30 a.m. to keep Bike to Work Day participants hydrated and nourished.

RE/MAX of Boulder’s 2015 Bike to Work Day breakfast station with real estate agents Timmy Duggan, Lucy Conklin, and Art Schwadron (left to right)

The busy corner of Folsom and Canyon Boulevard will feature RE/MAX of Boulder serving up beverages and hydration gum drops from Skratch Labs.

Why Skratch Labs? It goes back to bike racing connections of Timmy Duggan, former pro bike racer and Olympian Team member, and now a REALTOR® for RE/MAX of Boulder.

As a competitive pro bike racer, Duggan spent many days riding long distances in hot weather and knows the value of hydration. As an organizer for the RE/MAX of Boulder station, Duggan wanted to provide a tasty, refreshing snack that is good for you.

So he turned to his pro-racing friends at Boulder-based Skratch Labs. Launched just a few years ago, Skratch Labs took the hydration market by storm with a sports drink powder that hydrates healthily and naturally.

Image courtesy of Skratch Labs.

Image courtesy of Skratch Labs.

Now, the company has introduced Fruit Drops – a pectin-based energy chew with a specific ration of glucose and fructose flavored with real fruit.

And that’s just one of the offerings sprinkled around town to keep bike commuters going tomorrow. You can see a map of stations here.

Events for Everyone

This year Walk and Bike Month organizers set out to broaden the demographic appeal by tailoring more events than ever to seniors, women, walkers and novices interested in learning bike skills. Activities include Boulder Walks’ social walk, Mountain Bike Skills Level 2 clinic, Seniors on Bikes Pacers Ride, Walking Wednesday’s scavenger hunt, and Trails & Ale Intermediate Ride with BMA.

There is even an outdoor film night on July 8.  That’s when the New Belgium Beer and Film Tour will be held at Valmont Park. This is a free, all-ages benefit for Community Cycles featuring short films, small-batch beers on tap, and food from local vendors.

No. 2 Bike-Commuting City in the U.S.

Boulder’s bicycle-commuting share is 17 times the national average, say Walk & Bike Month organizers.

And Boulder is the second most bike-commuting city of its size in the U.S., according to the League of American Bicyclists third edition of “Where We Ride: An Analysis of Bicycling in American Cities.”

Nearly 9 percent of Boulder workers pedaled their way to work regularly in 2014, says the League. Berkeley, CA, with close to 10 percent of the population biking to work, edged Boulder out of first place by less than one percent.

In 2013, America Community Survey data showed just over 11 percent of Boulder workers biked to work.  The 2014 American Community Survey data was re-released in May 2016. The 2015 data will be released in September.

Read the full story on Boulder’s No. 2 ranking here.

So Go

Register for Bike to Work Day here.

See a listing of events here.

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To find out more about Skratch Labs, read the full article here


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