35-plus, ripped, and getting stronger

RallySport remains at the heart and soul of Boulder fitness  |

Here in the storied land of the fit and active, one homegrown gym stands out as a maker of athletes. RallySport Boulder has led the pursuit of fitness here for 35 years, and has big plans to amplify its offerings in 2014.

“Boulder is unique in that we are not going down without a fight against the aging process,” says Erin Carson, a RallySport trainer for 23 years. “We facilitate a local passion for vitality by serving every kind of athlete – true champions, weekend warriors, and everyday amateurs who want to take their fitness to a higher place.”

When the Boulder Source editorial team sat down to choose our January Featured Friend, we knew we wanted to highlight a local company with a fitness focus, someone who could help our readers get 2014 underway in the healthiest light possible. RallySport immediately came to mind.

As local as local gets, this full service fitness center includes 35 professional trainers, many of whom have earned national and even international prominence in their areas of expertise. Many have big personalities. We’ll be highlighting some of these trainers here this month.

“Forty percent of our members work with trainers in an enhanced fitness program,” Carson explains. “That’s a huge number. It speaks to the unique way we deliver personalized training – it’s as intense as you want it, and affordable for every budget. Small groups are immensely popular here because they get real results.”

I experienced a small but impressive facet of the club’s personal focus when I walked in this week. A single front-desk staffer was managing multiple duties, but he radiated a sincere affability and connected personally with every coming-and-going member in the busy reception space.

“That’s Connor,” Carson tells me. “His parents were members here before he was born. He started coming here as a toddler.”

RallySport employs nearly 200 locals — and Carson says the business experiences very low turn over.

“Believe me, the word is out:  this is a great place to work,” she says.

And it’s a great place to work out. You’ll be learning more about RallySport – its people, its facilities and its big plans for the future – in this space all month. Stay tuned. Next week we’ll post 2014 fitness tips from some of Rally’s best known trainers.