As FATE would have it

Cheers to our October Featured Friend, FATE Brewing Company

It isn’t easy to stand out in the Boulder restaurant market, and newcomers proceed at their own high risk. Some say our restaurant scene is saturated, opportunities are diluted, and the brewery-restaurant category is particularly replete.

Despite all of this, the stars have aligned for FATE Brewing Company.

Still in its rookie year, FATE was just named Best New Restaurant in the Boulder Daily Camera’s People’s Choice awards, a high local distinction. In August, three FATE beers took honors at The Boulder County Fair. Media reviews are universally gushing, and the buzz in general is deafening.

FATE has arrived.

This is a brewery with ambitions. The company is primed to compete at the Great American Beer Festival later this month, submitting beers for appraisal by the professional judges who gather there every year for all-out beer mania. The event draws hundreds of celebrated brands and beer makers from across the nation, and honors there are worth their weight in gold.

The founder and owner of FATE, Mike Lawinski, subscribes to the notion that great beer deserves great food. The menu inclues what FATE calls “crave-able comfort food.”  Don’t think gluttony. FATE’s selections are simultaneously full-bodied and elegant. You’ve got to try this place.

We’ll be featuring FATE this month with four blog posts, an article in the Boulder Daily Camera, and at least one fun event. Stay tuned.