CrossFit Sanitas: Beyond the WOD

As Boulder’s newest gym, CrossFit Sanitas has already built a sizable membership. People are drawn by CrossFit’s famous fitness approach and sustained by the wider community CrossFit Sanitas is continually advancing.

“CrossFit can be intimidating,” says Melissa Roza, co-owner of CrossFit Sanitas. “We want to be welcoming to everyone – from elite athletes to beginners. We show them how to use CrossFit to dramatically increase their fitness while actually enjoying themselves.”

Going beyond the WOD (the CrossFit standard Workout of the Day) to inspire, inform and mobilize members happens in many ways. Here’s a sampling:

Beginners at CrossFit Sanitas start in Basecamp, learning the system elementally as part of a group, because it isn’t easy. Sharing the experience builds camaraderie, which ultimately sustains and inspires success over the long-term.

“Working out with friends is powerful,” says Melissa.

CrossFitters are competitive, and CrossFit Sanitas capitalizes on this tendency. For example, for its 30-Day Clean Challenge in April, members signed up, got a fat scan, followed strict guidelines and scored their progress. The before-and-after analysis revealed peak adherence. Winning members got bragging rights, funny awards and some genuinely cool swag. 

A leaner, stronger physique came standard. The gym, as a whole, lost 3% body fat over the 30 days.

“Fun contests let people them compete against themselves,” says Melissa. “Whether it’s pull-ups, rowing, lifting and so on, they see their progress from a baseline to a goal.”

CrossFit Sanitas makes nutrition a hand-in-hand component of its fitness recipe. Specifically, the gym advocates a Paleo-inspired approach: meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. (Obviously there’s more to it; learn more.) 

In this regard, being right across the way from Zolo Grill has its advantages: members can order up a delicious (and very reasonably priced) Paleo-inspired meal from Zolo that’s ready to go when the workout is done.

Locavore Delivery sources high-quality, locally produced beef, pork, wild boar and fresh eggs for CrossFit Sanitas members, available for purchase as “Paleo Packs” right in the gym. Fresh-caught Alaskan salmon is also available. All are regularly featured at regular CrossFit Sanitas barbecues, a member favorite.

“We’re really into food,” says Melissa. “Changing how you eat can be difficult. We work to make it easier.”

With a focus on education and veterans, CrossFit Sanitas has an incredible venue for raising money and awareness for worthwhile causes. The space is big, centrally located and gorgeous. With a sky-high ceiling and wide-open middle space, it’s ideal for big gatherings. Already, the gym has already opened its doors to major galas for Flatirons Elementary and Sunshine Montessori schools. Additionally, the gym has hosted a member fund-raising event, CrossFit for Kenya.

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